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Dorsal margin of opercular flap extends at posteroventral 18-20[degrees] angle with body midline, posterior margin of opercular flap straight, sloping at 65[degrees] anteroventral angle to body midline, curving anteriorly near ventral extreme; opercular spines 2, both weakly protruding from skin, dorsal spine slightly stronger than ventral spine; preopercular spines 5, dorsal 4 spines moderately developed, fifth spine small and weak.
6 in SL; colour light grey with a midlateral blackish line from behind eye to posterior caudal peduncle; first dorsal spine blackish, a yellow line at base of fin; two rows of yellow spots in second dorsal and caudal fins, and one row in anal fin; a yellow line in middle of caudal fin.
Christian Burel, a crewman aboard the Mariette La Roch, was left in agony after his foot was pierced by the dorsal spine of a Rabbit Fish which was thrashing about on deck.
The genes that control the length of the first dorsal spine, for instance, are located on different chromosome regions from the genes that control the length of the second dorsal spine.
The middle spine was the largest, followed in size by the dorsal spine.
4) in SL; dorsal spines slender and flexible, none filamentous; first dorsal spine 3.
Also recognize that both the vermilion and lane snappers typically have a smaller first dorsal spine that is not apparent in the photo.
Tibiae I-III with 2 ventral spines distally, tibia IV with 1 ventral spine, metatarsus I with 1 ventral spine distally, metatarsus II with 2 spines and 1 prolateral spine, metatarsus III with 3 ventral spines, 1 dorsal spine and 2 prolateral spines.
Origin of dorsal fin above third lateral-line scale; first dorsal spine 5.
The twin replacement spines separated from each other, with the ventral spine growing faster than the dorsal spine.
First, the use of an external bony structure, the first dorsal spine, to age the fish has some inherent problems, such as possible resorption of the material or damage to the structure--both of which would not likely affect otoliths.
Spinal formulae: Male and female: femur I with one dorsal, one prolateral spine; femur II and III with one dorsal spine.
First dorsal-fin low, rounded, spines barely reaching first element of second dorsal-fin origin; third or fourth dorsal spine longest, 13.
Dorsal spines progressively longer to last spine; first dorsal spine 2.