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Synonyms for plate

Synonyms for plate

(baseball) base consisting of a rubber slab where the batter stands

a full-page illustration (usually on slick paper)

dish on which food is served or from which food is eaten

the quantity contained in a plate


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a rigid layer of the Earth's crust that is believed to drift slowly

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the thin under portion of the forequarter

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a main course served on a plate

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the positively charged electrode in a vacuum tube

a flat sheet of metal or glass on which a photographic image can be recorded

structural member consisting of a horizontal beam that provides bearing and anchorage

a shallow receptacle for collection in church

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a metal sheathing of uniform thickness (such as the shield attached to an artillery piece to protect the gunners)

a dental appliance that artificially replaces missing teeth

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Posterior median dorsal plate preserved viscerally: GIT 767-8.
The ovipositor proper relatively simple, formed by (d) unpaired, subtriangular dorsal plate with a chromatically differentiated basis (dl), a large intermediate and strongly convex major part (d2) and a depressed apical and terminally rounded part (d3), (e) paired and mutually apposed elongate ventral plates closing the complex from ventral and lateral sides, and (f) two sub-cylindrical valvular projections between (d) and (e) provided with markedly long and strong macrotrichia.
4C) and a median dorsal plate preserved in most of its original shape (Muz.
Dorsal plate, length in relation to the ventral plate, (0) elongate, longer than the ventral plate (Maury & RoigAlsina 1985:figs.
The branchial plates are long and narrow, and the branchial notch on the dorsal margin encloses the branchial opening ventrally, a corresponding notch in the lateral margin of the dorsal plate encloses them dorsally.
Advantages of locking compression plates are only significant if compared with dorsal plate application techniques (11).
43), the presence of lateral dorsal canals of the lateral line sensory system on the dorsal plate of Psammosteus points at the general constriction of the cephalothorax.
The material described in this paper consists of 34 specimens: a dorsal plate, 22 branchial plates, 4 ridge scales, 5 tesserae, a fragment of an undeterminate plate and 1 microcell with an isolated tubercle.
Although Y shape plate (4,5) has been used for years in the treatment of intra-articular distal humeral fracture, with a few modifications with two dorsal plates (6) or distal part of Y shape plate (7) (Lambda[R] plate, Zimmer, Etupes, France), it is not frequently used in the treatment of extra-articular distal humeral fracture and distal shaft fracture.
11 Volar LCPs have shown greater rigidity and superiority when compared to conventional volar or dorsal plates in biomechanical studies.
Dorsal plates on 3rd to 6th abdominal segments, bearing scent glands.
Length is about 9-11 mm and coloration is generally yellowish-brown to dark brown dorsally and yellowish or ivory ventrally; head, anterior and lateral sides of dorsal plates and siphon are much darker; the one or two last dorsal plates and the four anal processes may be completely blackish.
Within the Pandaridae, representatives of Prosaetes, Cecrops, Luetkenia, Philorthagoriscus, Orthagoriscicola, and Entepherus are considered members of the Dinemoura-group based on their shared possession of a narrow third pedigerous somite and dorsal plates on the fourth pedigerous somite in the adult female and a modified leg 3 terminal endopodal segment in the adult male.
Some scientists propose that the creature's dorsal plates had a defensive role, as well.