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Annular pancreas and agenesis of the dorsal pancreas in a patient with polysplenia syndrome.
It has been shown that the development of the dorsal pancreas bud from the foregut endoderm is affected by the adjacent notochord (35, 36), as well as the signals coming from the dorsal aorta and other vessels (37, 38).
Agenesis of the dorsal pancreas is a very rare pancreatic malformation.
In this patient, CT showed agenesis of the dorsal pancreas (Figures 2, 3 and 4).
Selective agenesis of the dorsal pancreas in mice lacking homeobox gene Hlxb9.
Therefore, the cysts might be considered to be dilated ducts associated with intraduodenal pancreas that should not be considered ectopic but as a bud of the dorsal pancreas entrapped within the duodenal wall during organogenesis.
In most cases, these changes were found in the ventral pancreas but not in the dorsal pancreas.
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