dorsal fin

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unpaired median fin on the backs of fishes and some other aquatic vertebrates that help to maintain balance

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But even more incredible is that the 38-year-old, who even hitches rides on the shark's dorsal fin, insists his success in getting up close and personal is simply down to good manners.
Origin of first dorsal fin slightly posterior to pelvic-fin base, the predorsal length 3.
The most you will usually see of a porpoise is its small, triangularshaped dorsal fin and dark back.
adornatus complex, by the high number of dorsal fin rays (27-28), and conse-quently a large dorsal fin base length, beginning considerably anteriorly to the middle of the body, before the vertical line through the pelvic fin.
The weever fish has sharp spines laced with venom along its dorsal fin which stick up out of the sand, where it hides, and can inflict agony on anyone unlucky enough to tread on one.
posterior end of extrascapular not exceeding postemporal spine); by having the posterior end of the first proximal pteryigiophores of dorsal fin of the same size as the anterior edge (vs.
0 mm BL) typically have three equidistant blotches on the distal margin of the dorsal fin fold, located approximately between myomeres 6-9, 16-19, and 28-33, and an additional blotch located on the dorsal margin of the body between myomeres 28 and 33.
Items include the dorsal fin used to terrify film fans in Jaws.
walindi from Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, but differs with regards to male colour pattern, particularly the number, shape and position of large dark blotches along the back and adjacent dorsal fin.
Then again, if anything approaches in the ocean with a firm dorsal fin, we're not sticking around long enough to verify its breed.
To date, the satellite has relayed information about the whale's diving habits for about seven weeks, habits that are monitored 24 hours a day by a small transmitter neatly attached to the whale's dorsal fin.
Namesake of the National League champion Florida Marlins, who are playing in the World Series against the New York Yankees, the fish is distinguished by a raked dorsal fin with a sword-like bill, used like a baseball bat to stun prey.
First dorsal-fin origin about equal with anal-fin origin; longest spines of first dorsal fin 1.
Which sea fish, native to British coastal waters, has poisonous spines along its dorsal fin and is a hazard to bathers?