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genus of Eurasian perennial tuberous or rhizomatous herbs: leopard's bane

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Their botanical name is doronicum ( derived from the Arab term for the plant, doronigi, and the nickname of leopard's bane refers to the plant's reputed ability to ward off wild animals.
Doronicum pardalianches ( meaning to strangle leopards.
Doronicum carpetanum, is quick to spread into 90cm (3ft) clumps, grows 60cm (2ft) tall and, although it flowers later than most others, the branched stems produce blooms over many weeks.
Plant groups of Myosotis and Muscari around your Doronicums to get that delightful natural spring combination of yellow and blue.
Doronicum plantagineum 'Harpur Crewe' is probably one of the most commonly planted and, flowering as it does at 600mm (24in) high, it is an ideal spring border plant to follow on after the daffodils have done their job but before the Irises, Lupins and delphiniums start to do theirs.
Various species of doronicum originate from Europe, the Mediterranean and the Middle East.
Doronicum x excelsum or plantagineum `Harpur Crewe'.
Doronicums are probably the earliest-flowering yellow daisies but to avoid mildew you must cut stems back to just above soil level as soon as flowering is over.
Some of our best performing herbaceous perennials are members of this family and I am sure that you will recognise the similarities in asters, solidago, erigerons, dahlias, chrysanthemums, doronicums, helianthus, rudbeckias and osteospermums.