dormitory room

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a large sleeping room containing several beds

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Small developed temperature sensitive inks in his dormitory room, and launched CTI in Ithaca, NY.
Nobel laureate Tonegawa's son found dead at MIT dormitory room
North Korean leader Kim Jong Il's grandson is sharing a dormitory room with a Libyan student at an international school in Bosnia, Yonhap News Agency reported Monday.
WHERE TO STAY Save The Gordon Inn Guesthouse costs from pounds 15 a night for a bed in a dormitory room.
Judge Henry Globe QC was speaking after more than pounds 320,000 worth of hard drugs and cash were found in a Liverpool student's dormitory room after he failed to empty it at the end of term.
Police investigating the death of a student whose body was found in a dormitory room at her halls of residence are urgently trying to locate her mobile phone.
Likewise, the American Psychological Association's dictionary of psychology (VandenBos, 2007) defines homework as "schoolwork that is to be completed away from school or outside the classroom, most often at the student's home or dormitory room and in the student's private time.
He signed his name Hank Bonk--the third guy in that Tufts dormitory room that first week in September 1955.
Navy quarterback Lamar Owens has been charged with raping a female midshipman in her dormitory room, the academy announced.
doesn't have Ethernet jacks in every dormitory room, but one dorm room and all main campus buildings with academic classrooms have wireless capability.
Thus, the dormitory room itself may place students at increased risk for ILS.
Ma, a Yunnan University junior from the neighboring Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, is suspected of using a hammer to bludgeon to death four male biology students in a dormitory room at the university Feb.
Now she lives in a crowded dormitory room with seven other girls.
Or how he would survey his dormitory room before each demonstration, always believing he might be seeing it for the very last time, careful to leave specific items out where friends or relatives could find them later.