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Aztec Dormitory, Aztec, NM; Blackfeet Dormitory, Browning MT; Chickasaw Children s Village, Kingston, OK; Eufaula Dormitory, Eufaula, OK; Jicarilla Dormitory, Dulce, NM;
The dormitory was constructed by the GevaE- District Directorate of National Education next to the tomb, which was built in the GevaE- district of Van seven centuries ago by Seljuk Emperor Melik Izedin for his daughter Halime Hatun.
Magnum Real Estate Group will construct approximately 147,000 s/f of gross area with over 500 dormitory beds within 242 suites.
There are about 70 to 75 female students in each section of the dormitory and two cookers aren't enough for all of them," said Hind Qatran, a second-year business student.
Approved revised parking plans for the new Worcester Polytechnic Institute dormitory under construction off Faraday and Lancaster streets in the Gateway Park area.
He estimated the damage caused to the University's dormitory at SYP 11.
Some bodies were burnt beyond recognition in the dormitory, which was scattered with burnt-out remains of triple-deck beds and children's personal effects.
By the time the fire brigade reached the school, most of the girl's dormitory had already burned down and part of the roof and inner walls had collapsed.
The scouts are also building a replica of the five bedroom dormitory at Bradley Wood.
He notes that Seton Hall was believed to be a set fire and that unauthorized people may have been in the dormitory.
The dormitory was the residence of all three judges sitting on a panel hearing a lawsuit over a real-estate dispute in which Aum Shinrikyo was the defendant.
Each dormitory accommodates up to 48 inmates, and 4 dormitories constitute a unit.
In the background, a building burns; it is a dormitory for immigrants seeking asylum in Germany.
New York State Dormitory Authority (NY) (Economic Development & Housing) state personal income tax revenue bonds series 2003A (prerefunded maturities only);
5) New York State Dormitory Authority (New York State Dormitory Authority Lease) Series 2013A 5.