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Synonyms for dormitory

a college or university building containing living quarters for students

a large sleeping room containing several beds

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The building that was razed was previously a laboratory which had been transformed into a dormitory.
The building was originally planned as a luxury multifamily property until midway through construction when the sponsorship was approached by the School of Visual Arts, who was in need of dormitory space.
The 20-year-old Chinese manager was said to have worn a pink skirt under a black abaya and applied make-up to look like a woman when he accompanied his Chinese girlfriend to her dormitory on a Friday night in June.
The dormitory is expected to start operating by 2019, FBDC announced on Monday.
Students fight for spots in the dormitory because it is inexpensive--YR10,000 (under $50) for the first year and YR7,000 (about $33) for each subsequent year--and they believe it will be a good, safe place to live.
Becker decided not to pursue plans to lease the two homes for a dormitory after hearing concerns from neighborhood residents and business owners, who thought such a use would dramatically change the character of the neighborhood.
He estimated the damage caused to the University's dormitory at SYP 11.
Some bodies were burnt beyond recognition in the dormitory, which was scattered with burnt-out remains of triple-deck beds and children's personal effects.
Sobbing, some sifted through the ashes of the dormitory at the Buddo primary school, trying in vain to identify their daughters from charred piles of bones and skulls.
SCOUTS from around West Yorkshire climbed the equivalent of Everest and Kilimanjaro to raise money for a dormitory for Nepalese schoolchildren.
The male dormitory I was shown contained 11 beds, each with duvets and a nearby lockable wardrobe/cupboard.
While housed at a North Facility dormitory at Pitchess, Fernandez was assaulted by four inmates.
For Simmons Hall, the new undergraduate dormitory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
A fire ripped through a Moscow dormitory crowded with newly arrived foreign students early today, killing at least 32 people and injuring 127 others.
Developed as a construction cost-cutting option, the problem of dormitory housing has grown nation-wide.