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Synonyms for dormitory

a college or university building containing living quarters for students

a large sleeping room containing several beds

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The affected students are being accommodated in different dormitories.
EFA is tackling this problem by building dormitories for the girls near to their schools.
Uy-ur Kalkan, a Republican People's Party (CHP) member of the E[currency]ahinbey Municipality of Gaziantep, had asked the Ministry of Education if TE[pounds sterling]RGEV's two female dormitories in E[currency]ahinbey had business operating licenses and had also requested copies of those documents if they did.
Boarding houses and dormitories without permits and those that are fire-hazards have long been a serious concern of Cebu City officials.
Talas State University together with Yiyk Ata-Jurt fund opened separate dormitories for boys and girls.
Spokesman Abdullahi Bego said the entire complex of the relatively new school had been burned out by firebombs - six dormitories, the administrative building, staff quarters, classrooms, a clinic and the kitchen.
This money was allocated to renovate [both] the male and female students' dormitories but [work has been delayed] because water leaks caused tremendous damage," said Mohammed Al-Zalab, the housing director at Sana'a University.
28 October 2010 - JCR reiterated on Thursday its BBB- rating with a "stable" outlook on the senior debts of Japanese Kyoritsu Maintenance Co Ltd (TYO:9616), active in the management and operation of dormitories for students and company employees.
The project will include building two dormitories; renovations and additions to the existing recreation building; and demolition of two older dormitories.
It contains ample sleeping accommodation, mainly in dormitories but with some twin rooms.
Fighting continued sporadically through the next two weeks at the Castaic grounds in various dormitories, resulting in the suspension of mail, phone and laundry privileges for the inmates and the lockdown of all county jail facilities.
One argument for the use of dormitories is that the dormitory setting better lends itself to programming and communal needs.
In 1998, the church submitted a new application for tax exemption for a new grade school, shop building, storage building, high school, residence, and dormitories.
A controlled efficacy evaluation was conducted using college students (N=140) living in 11 separate dormitories on a small liberal arts college campus.
While about 1,800 fires take place in dormitories, fraternities, and sororities in a typical year, by and large the issue has only achieved national prominence in the wake of the Seton Hall incident.