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a gabled extension built out from a sloping roof to accommodate a vertical window

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I hire a country-boat and go down river from Thursday to Sunday, and the amiable Dormer goes with me - if you can spare us both.
Bobby, the Captain of a dhoni, with Private Dormer for mate, dropped down the river on Thursday morning - the Private at the bow, the Subaltern at the helm.
After six hours, Dormer paced to the stern, saluted, and said -" Beg y' pardon, sir, but was you ever on the Durh'm Canal?
As the evening fell, Private Dormer broke forth, speaking to himself -
Private Dormer popped his head out of his blanket and gazed at the glory below and around.
Private Dormer was allowed to celebrate his repulse of Death by strong waters.
And the Hospital Orderly was so satisfied with the justice of the punishment that he did not even order Private Dormer back to his cot.
Robert went over and seated himself on the broad sill of one of the dormer windows.
335 m roof and wall covering of dormers (23 pieces) approx.
M Redfern, front and rear dormers, 35 Station Road, Fenay Bridge.
REF: M/FP/0029/14/P Address: Crown & Mitre, James Street, North Ormesby, Middlesbrough Proposal: Conversion of public house to seven flats with two dormers to front, one dormer window to rear, relocation of fire escape and associated works.
There was no historic evidence to demonstrate this property would have had, or was intended have, two dormers and it was felt the second dormer would impact negatively on the terrace as a whole by contradicting the established rhythm of dormer per property.
She was told that the increase was because of the dormers on the house.
I finally got around to replacing the flashing on one, of our dormers.
Articles from back issues of Fine Homebuilding magazine treat the complex challenges presented by adding attics, dormers, and skylights to expand living spaces while protecting the roof and home's style.