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a gabled extension built out from a sloping roof to accommodate a vertical window

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Naeema Khan, construction of single-storey rear extension and front and rear dormer windows, 3, Ings Road, Dewsbury.
Dormer windows are also proposed for the top floor, matching the dormer windows at 26 St Mary's Place.
It also seeks to add four new apartments and demolish the single-storey rear buildings, add an external fire escape, and front and rear dormer windows with car parking at the back.
A loft conversion, adding roof lights plus dormer windows at the side or rear.
While one might associate clean lines, uncluttered rooms, futuristic kitchens and masses of glass with contemporary luxury homes, what one gets with this country house is gables, dormer windows, inglenooks and, as the name suggests, masses of oak.
70 Jackers Road, Alderman's Green - ground-floor rear and side extension, loft conversion with dormer windows.
Proposed front and rear dormer windows at 48 Coppice Walk, Shirley.
The roof would be raised by more than three feet and two dormer windows and nine roof lights installed.
So, having satisfied the planners by removing what were considered to be 'inappropriate' dormer windows, McLean was (relatively) free to do what she liked with phase two, designing a new interior and glazed extension without the potentially dubious input of planners.
A traditional way to bring daylight into an attic with a steeply pitched roof is to add dormer windows.
The Fenimore, is an attractive six-bedroom home on three levels with dormer windows, which is not fully dressed but is carpeted throughout and boasts an attractive wooden verandah with patio-style seating area.
Upstairs, two family bedrooms with dormer windows share a bath.
The single-story office building resembles a residential home with wood siding and dormer windows, to blend in with the surrounding area.
The bedrooms all have dormer windows with roof light windows to the landing and bathroom, to conserve the building's roof lines.
At the end of the avenue (called the Alameda), there is a handsome yellow home constructed in that fancy Victorian style known as carpenter's gothic, with dormer windows, twin porches and gingerbread trim.