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Synonyms for dormer

a gabled extension built out from a sloping roof to accommodate a vertical window

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Dormer is being badgered out of his mind - big as he is - and he hasn't intellect enough to resent it.
I hire a country-boat and go down river from Thursday to Sunday, and the amiable Dormer goes with me - if you can spare us both.
Bobby, the Captain of a dhoni, with Private Dormer for mate, dropped down the river on Thursday morning - the Private at the bow, the Subaltern at the helm.
After six hours, Dormer paced to the stern, saluted, and said -" Beg y' pardon, sir, but was you ever on the Durh'm Canal?
As the evening fell, Private Dormer broke forth, speaking to himself -
Private Dormer popped his head out of his blanket and gazed at the glory below and around.
Private Dormer was allowed to celebrate his repulse of Death by strong waters.
And the Hospital Orderly was so satisfied with the justice of the punishment that he did not even order Private Dormer back to his cot.
ACTRESS Natalier Dormer has said she doesn't need a personal trainer because she puts pressure on herself to stay in shape.
Rebecca Dormer, 25, stabbed 32-year-old Skelton man Gareth Matthews in the chest during a row at their home in Spring Hill, Whitby, in February 2013.
THE SCANDALOUS LADY W (BBC2, Monday, 9pm) GAMES OF THRONES star Natalie Dormer plays the passionate Lady Worsley in this gripping 18th century drama about a woman who dared to leave her husband and elope with his best friend.
Dormer (above) says men are objectified as much as women in the world of showbiz - and pointed to Aidan Turner's
GAME Of Thrones actress Natalie Dormer says men are objectified as much as women in the world of showbiz - and pointed to Aidan Turner's Poldark as an example.
KIRKLEES Council has received the following planning applications: S Moseley, dormer windows on front elevation, |12 Regent Road, Kirkheaton.
30pm PREMIERE (Scotland: 11pm) Richard Dormer (above) stars as 1970s Belfast DJ Terri Hooley, shunning sectarianism by opening a 'Bomb Alley' record shop.