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Synonyms for dormancy

the condition of being temporarily inactive

Synonyms for dormancy

a state of quiet (but possibly temporary) inaction

quiet and inactive restfulness

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It was reported that dormant seeds which require chilling dry storage after ripening and light as a germination stimulator are often treated with GA3 to overcome their dormancy [8,11].
This is partly because seeds shed in the autumn are mostly dormant and require a period of cold-stratification satisfied under snow before they germinate in spring (see below) and partly due to the ability of the seeds to re-enter dormancy (in the case of PD) if they did not germinate.
However, disturbance to dormancy by internal or external factors triggers only vegetative growth or cause premature flowers which die due to winter cold before conversion into fruit.
Cylinders used in frigid conditions may also face the same dormancy challenges as valves, with stick and slip problems possible for surfaces that remain in contact for long periods.
Although the position and seed size do not influence dormancy and germination as such, there may be an impact on seedling emergence and establishment because larger seeds potentially have an advantage in case they are buried deeper in sand or soil.
district court ruled in favor of an issuer of traveler's checks after the Kentucky legislature attempted to shorten the dormancy period for un-cashed traveler's checks from 15 to 7 years (American Express Travel Related Servs.
tetrazolium) may not be reliable in seeds that have deep dormancy because of low levels of respiration.
States frequently add property types, reduce dormancy periods, and change process requirements.
Our knowledge of the regulation of tumor dormancy is really in its infancy.
Growers have, however, succeeded in breeding out this dormancy requirement from newer varieties, such as 'Livingstone' - named after the former London mayor - so that leaves are produced from midsummer into late autumn.
Our findings suggest that California's fruit and nut industry will need to develop new tree cultivars with reduced chilling requirements and new management strategies for breaking dormancy in years of insufficient winter chill," explains Eike Luedeling, a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Plant Sciences.
After at least 120,000 years in ice, tiny bacteria (near right) have emerged from dormancy and been declared a new species.
The new findings indicate that the switch from dormancy to proliferative, metastatic growth may be regulated, in part, through signaling from the surrounding microenvironment, which leads to changes in the skeletal architecture of dormant tumor cells.
The opportunity for Leupold to rescue this American brand from dormancy could not be missed.