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a large sleeping room containing several beds

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We always dress our single dorm room beds with queen quilts to make sure all the sides of the bed covered as the beds are usually lofted in dorm rooms for extra storage underneath.
Perry knocked on the doors of dorm rooms in Las Vegas on the first day of early voting in Nevada.
Chances are you will not have your own personal shower in your dorm room so leaving your shampoo, condition, shower gel, razors and other personal items in the bathroom is no longer an option.
One thing we've noticed is many of these products will transition from dorm room to first apartment after graduation.
Stop The Stink Sponge - The college student wants the dorm room to smell as great as it looks.
Tsarnaev's lawyers argued that the warrants authorizing searches of his family's apartment in Cambridge and his dorm room at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth weren't specific enough and that some items were improperly seized.
The agent testified Tuesday that Azamat Tazhayakov initially denied knowing what was in Tsarnaev's backpack found in the UMass-Dartmouth dorm room, but said he saw fireworks that appeared to have been emptied of powder, according to the Associated Press.
2]) dorm room, the proportion of occupants reporting more than six common colds in the previous 12 months doubled.
The Delta Force Stick Vac, meanwhile, is a standing, bagless vacuum, making it convenient for students to pick up dust and spills on dorm room floors--and, to give those grungy dorm sofas a new, more colorful look, Sure Fit has designed brightly colored suede sofa covers.
Flamma-Sherman was arrested last year after coach Steve Eck saw him stealing his work bag with $1,500 in it from a dorm room at the college.
He also noted that he had concerns about having any further dates in the dorm room after he heard people laughing and joking outside Clementi's dorm window.
It must be said, however, that the bit where the trio of girls hits a fawn with a car and then tries to nurse it back to health in their dorm room by feeding it chocolate truffles is original, if a bit bizarre.
Your dorm room will be your home for most of the year, so liven it up with personal touches that can make your surroundings more comfortable and cozy.
While attending freshman orientation at UC Irvine recently, Christine Liang stayed in a dorm room similar to the one she'll be sharing with a couple of friends this fall.
IS THE LATEST on a short list of institutions allowing males and females to share the same dorm room.