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a large sleeping room containing several beds

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The college dorm room is going to be compactly sized, requiring the college student to think creatively about dorm seating options.
Tsarnaev's lawyers argued that the warrants authorizing searches of his family's apartment in Cambridge and his dorm room at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth weren't specific enough and that some items were improperly seized.
com when shopping for college dorm room essentials and decor.
The agent testified Tuesday that Azamat Tazhayakov initially denied knowing what was in Tsarnaev's backpack found in the UMass-Dartmouth dorm room, but said he saw fireworks that appeared to have been emptied of powder, according to the Associated Press.
The Delta Force Stick Vac, meanwhile, is a standing, bagless vacuum, making it convenient for students to pick up dust and spills on dorm room floors--and, to give those grungy dorm sofas a new, more colorful look, Sure Fit has designed brightly colored suede sofa covers.
Flamma-Sherman was arrested last year after coach Steve Eck saw him stealing his work bag with $1,500 in it from a dorm room at the college.
He also noted that he had concerns about having any further dates in the dorm room after he heard people laughing and joking outside Clementi's dorm window.
The typical dorm room is equipped with two twin beds, two desks, usually two chests, and two small closets.
College fees may increase over time, but the average size of a dorm room hasn't budged one square foot.
NEW YORK-Parents and students shopping for bedding and bath products are finding that dorm room decor has grown up.
Or so he thinks--they keep showing up, and his conniving brother ends up crashing in Vince's dorm room.
Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas, excited and enthused about my new independence and all the good times coming my way, After four torturous years of high school, I was now in my dorm room unpacking.
doesn't have Ethernet jacks in every dormitory room, but one dorm room and all main campus buildings with academic classrooms have wireless capability.
Walking into my new home, a small dorm room crowded with plain furniture and off-white walls, I met Erica, a curly haired Jewish girl from South Miami Beach, Florida.
Danby Products president Brent Duke envisions the refrigerators for "the apartment dweller, the college dorm room, the entertainment center and game room.