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a dull stupid fatuous person

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Son of Dork burst into the charts last year with massive hits Eddie's Song and Ticket Out Of Loserville.
The name for the new band comes from the film Problem Child where everyone's picking on this kid calling him Son of Dork.
Pop-punk upstarts Son of Dork are also lined up, with ex-pro footballers Lee Sharpe and Frank McAvennie.
Gorman, the author of Dork in Disguise and other books for younger YAs, tells the tale with humor and flair.
I was a freshman and felt like a little dork, and all the seniors were in the audience.
Three-piece band Lorraine (chosen to support Pet Shop Boys elsewhere this summer) will join Sugababes, Son of Dork and Carlisle-born Roxanne Pallett at the pop2thepark festival in Bitts Park, Carlisle, on August 6.
At least with a mullet you're either so out of it that you don't care or ironically hip enough to know you're looking like a dork on purpose.
One minute Abertillery axeman David 'Dai' Williams was playing gigs in Gwent, the next he was picked to join Son of Dork.
Although Ray and Steph come a close second and third for their terrible graffiti and potato throwing, it's Jon and his horrific dancing and slurred attempts to provoke Orkney dork Cam who's won today's prestigious award.
Singer Gwen Stefani, 33: 'I think I've been able to fool a lot of people because I know I'm a dork.
I want someone who can be a complete dork with me and have no shame and be really disgusting, because life is so short.
I considered her impending appearance in my neighborhood, and whether to go: will she recognize me as one of her ilk or presume that I am a dork for even showing up at such a constitutionally degraded event?
Aliens', she has got a "cool" status in the eyes of her kids, who no longer think of her as a "gigantic dork.
And while everyone gets steamed up about the astronomical salaries paid to fourth-rate TV stars, particularly the 18 million quid wasted on dreary Jonathan Dross, the biggest scandal is that the BBC is handsomely rewarding useless dork Steve McClaren to commentate on a tournament he so brilliantly kept England out of.