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a ghostly double of a living person that haunts its living counterpart

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We want vSide to be the best possible experience for users and advertisers alike and knew that Double Fusion's expertise with matching brands to users in virtual world environments made them a strong choice to help achieve our goals," said Tim Stevens, president and CEO, Doppelganger.
After being flooded with responses from around the world, Co Kerry-born Niamh has also found her doppelganger - in only 16 days.
The upcoming episode will have the Mystic Falls gang finding a way to stop Markos (Raffi Barsoumian), the leader of the Travellers, from completing his plan that will put the lives of doppelgangers Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) in danger.
People will also be able to see the age, location, gender, percentage of questions answered, passive data stats and completed activities of themselves and their doppelganger.
It is little wonder that Uday felt he needed a doppelganger to deflect bullets from his own subjects, let alone the Americans.
But he recently got the chance to meet his doppelganger for the first time - and get this picture taken.
I have since imagined the reaction of passengers being made late for work because a Victor Meldrew doppelganger was debating the validity of his ticket with the bus driver.
A doppelganger is a ghostly double of a living person.
Derived from German, the word doppelganger is commonly used to describe a person's double, an evil reflection whose manifestation is often seen as an omen of impending death.
As she eats an airline dinner and dons an eyeshade, her doppelganger finally reaches the precinct of the maternal room, symbolically becoming her own Mother.
What: Peter's doppelganger, Stan Smith, has a government job, a gun that rarely goes unfired and a very similar family life.
Abdias seems like a mini-Trujillo doppelganger until you see him unleash the Cab back lip fake on the flatbar.
a futuristic cop (Jet Li) meets his evil doppelganger in the sci-fi actioner THE ONE (Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment, pounds 10.
Sieben Doppelganger is the ironic result of what could happen to an author who loves what he does so much that he simply cannot say no when asked to make a public appearance or to deliver a reading of his own works.