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Finally, and I know it's a long shot, have you ever thought about having a quiet drink with the woman and telling her that unless she quits on the Dopey bit you'll refer to her as the Wicked Queen?
We call her Dizzy or Dopey because she's a bit blonde," says Kimberley.
And yesterday at Haddington Sheriff Court, dopey Archibald, 26, of Steil Grove, Tranent, East Lothian, admitted possession with intent to supply.
IT'S bad enough having to suffer some of the dopey interference that comes from Brussels.
Dopey AA signwriters are the talk of the Mod with their spelling boobs.
Did Liz - an allegedly brilliant Harvard student - really not see the dopey sitcom-esque complications such a contrived request would inspire?
It's just the latest car disaster for Sid, who earns pounds 100,000 a year playing dopey Ricky Butcher.
Dopey as it all is, you'll be vaguely interested to see how the writers manage to keep all their balls in the air.
Research claims that dopey drivers are spooked by pulsations from the brake pedal as the ABS kicks in, take their foot off the brake and crash.
Maybe a room full of Muppet- style creatures made a nice change from dopey screen hubby Ricky.
There, the usual dopey romantic complications arise, where John falls for hansom cabbie Kate (Christina Applegate) but must (for reasons too dumb to relate here) instead woo Margo (Bernadette Peters), a neurotic actress performing Shakespeare in the Park.
Dopey Derek Wilton is to be killed off in a bid to boost ratings.
Dopey Modestas Kubilius - convicted of a shooting - also broke the rule banning prisoners from using social media when he uploaded the snaps.
The slasher-pic 80s is revived with gallows humour as resonant as deputy Dewey's dopey ringtone.