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Synonyms for dope

Synonyms for dope

a substance that affects the central nervous system and is often addictive

to administer or add a drug to

dope out: to find a solution for

Synonyms for dope

an ignorant or foolish person

carbonated drink flavored with extract from kola nuts ('dope' is a southernism in the United States)

slang terms for inside information

take drugs to improve one's athletic performance

Related Words

add impurities to (a semiconductor) in order to produce or modify its properties

give a narcotic to

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But in case they all dope, all have to bear the costs of doping.
The obvious disadvantage of such a strategy is that it not only reduces the incentive to dope but also and primarily the incentives to train and to pursue an athletic career.
nd], sanctions can be too high and can violate the participation constraint such that talented athletes refuse not only to dope but also to enter the competition.
The intuition here is that a strong player matched with a weak one only wants to dope as long as the weak one does, who, in turn, is only interested in doping as long as the strong one stays clean.
Comparing the utility levels with and without doping, an athlete will dope if and only if [[delta].