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Synonyms for dope

Synonyms for dope

a substance that affects the central nervous system and is often addictive

to administer or add a drug to

dope out: to find a solution for

Synonyms for dope

an ignorant or foolish person

carbonated drink flavored with extract from kola nuts ('dope' is a southernism in the United States)

slang terms for inside information

take drugs to improve one's athletic performance

Related Words

add impurities to (a semiconductor) in order to produce or modify its properties

give a narcotic to

References in periodicals archive ?
One of the people who branded Lance Armstrong a doper long before his confession yesterday said the shamed cyclist is still lying.
Sources said that the Department of Justice was reportedly considering joining a whistleblower lawsuit against the doper, and could still reopen a criminal probe, the report added.
Les enjeux de cette rencontre sont d'autant plus importants que celle du 3 octobre a Denver (Colorado, ouest) a semble doper la campagne de M.
HAROLD & KUMAR Go to White Castle'' is a doper comedy that admirably tries to explode ethnic stereotypes while piling on stupid laughs.
JUSTIN GATLIN has accused British athletics chiefs of hypocrisy for barring him from next week's Anniversary Games but inviting another convicted doper.
Reigning Commonwealth 200 metres freestyle champ Renwick has some sympathy for his close pal's point of view but believes he has never been defeated by a doper and that athletes competing at Tollcross in the next 10 days are beyond reproach.
White issued a statement on Wednesday via Cycling Australia where the confessed doper said he respected the decision of the governing body.
Les ministres ont retenu deux options pour doper la puissance d'intervention de leur dispositif.
12 (Xinhua-ANI): World Anti-Doping Agency has again thrown its support behind USADA after a lengthy report with evidence to prove Lance Armstrong a doper.
Il a ajoute que cela aura lieu a travers l'amendement de certains lois et reglements ou la modification des transactions a la Bourse, dans le but de doper le marche financier.
Prodded by Oates, the filmmakers expand on some rumors: There are a couple of scenes in which she engages, unsure but pliant, in three-way sex with the doper sons of Charlie Chaplin and Edward G.
He said: "One of the media's main things that they would like you to think is that the reason why I hype so much is so that I can be doper or something.
Les Europeens, a l'instar des Etats-Unis, entendent faire pression au moins en coulisse sur les pays asiatiques, notamment la Chine, pour qu'ils cessent de faire du dumping monetaire en vue de doper leurs exportations.
There were several sides to Eddie Chapman's extraordinary character and life and one of them, as the dossier noted, was as a "well-known doper of greyhounds".
So it seemed apt last night's race was a head-to-head between Bolt - saviour of the sport - and two-time former doper Gatlin.