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Synonyms for doped

stupefied, intoxicated, or otherwise influenced by the taking of drugs

Synonyms for doped

treated or impregnated with a foreign substance

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under the influence of narcotics

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HRTEM images of polyaniline nanostructures obtained at different dopant to monomer [[CSA]/[Ani]] molar ratio are shown in Fig.
IC manufacturers prefer using dopants in sub-atmospheric pressure cylinders because of the inherent safety compared with higher pressure alternatives.
Figure 2 shows the dependence of conductivity on average separation between dopant molecules (R) plotted in ln [Sigma]/[R.
This results in further enhancement of non-equilibrium conditions for dopant diffusion.
Specifically, these new dopant and dielectric materials enable new technologies to be used for solar cell manufacturing, resulting in lower cost of producing each watt of electricity compared to the processes which are currently used.
The new material, trademarked KODAK OLED Material EK-GD403, utilizes green dopant technology to deliver a new level of OLED display performance and reliability.
The result of the enhancement is that very high dopant doses can be attained at high throughput while still remaining shallow to the surface, increasing productivity whilst maintaining Quality.
The patented automated conditioning procedure minimizes expensive dopant gas consumption and decreases conditioning time.
FSI's proprietary ViPR technology, a single-step all-wet process, elevates on-wafer chemical temperatures and reactivity to enable complete removal of the photoresist and dopant rich surface layers created in the PLAD process, while maximizing retained dopant.
s Silicon Early Access suite and the ion implantation industry's most comprehensive database of dopant profiles from Eaton.
ClusterCarbon([TM]) is a molecular carbon species for pre-amorphization implantation (PAI) and barrier to dopant diffusion for advanced source drain extension formation.
A broad range of standard and custom sizes, epitaxial layer thickness and dopant concentrations are available.
It provides the same BSF thickness at a higher concentration of dopant for a strong BSF (carrier concentration of more than 1019 atoms/cm3), with equivalent or better electrical performance on multi-crystalline wafers.
first price increase since July 1990 for its high-purity dopant gas
Novaled set up an industrial cooperation with Ciba Specialty Chemicals which produce the unique organic dopant and transport materials developed by Novaled.