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Synonyms for doped

stupefied, intoxicated, or otherwise influenced by the taking of drugs

Synonyms for doped

treated or impregnated with a foreign substance

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under the influence of narcotics

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In studies conducted at Princeton, the researchers found that the new dopant increased the conductivity of these semiconductors about a million times.
These thinfilms have been fabricated using precursor solution prepared with dopant concentration 0.
Almost same trend as reported by other researchers when they used oxide dopant like Al2O3, SiO2 and PbO [8, 9].
HRTEM images of polyaniline nanostructures obtained at different dopant to monomer [[CSA]/[Ani]] molar ratio are shown in Fig.
Calibration standard would be needed to get absolute values of the dopant concentration; however, when compared with the manufacturing data (Fig.
Dipole moment of conformationally restricted chiral biphenyl dopant 1 containing methyl, carboxylate and nitro functional groups at positions2(2?
Dynamic range enhancing dopants for photopolymeric media are described.
And unlike other dopants that have been tried in the past, TFSA is stable - its effects are long lasting.
The contract includes the supply of hydrogen and nitrogen, silane, nitrogen trifluoride, dopant mixtures and other products to Hunan Gongchuang's PV facility.
The contract also covers the supply of hydrogen and nitrogen and silane, nitrogen trifluoride, dopant mixtures and other products.
Papers are then presented in sections on technologies for advanced electronics, dopant activation and diffusion, shallow junction metrology, novel channel engineering, advanced gate stacks, and advances in novel silicides for lower contact resistance.
ooppm arsine sensor, to detect the dopant gas in semiconductor manufacturing.
But voltages make dopant atoms move within a transistor and, at nanometer scales, this movement changes the semiconductor's properties and degrades performance.
The chiral dopant then controls the magnitude and direction of the ferroelectric polarization of the bulk liquid crystal.