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a stop that keeps open doors from moving


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KEEP doors open with a natural rope weighted doorstop, PS14.
My grandchildren will be using my books for a doorstop.
The theft involved doorstops to the value of pounds 4.
The theft involves doorstops to the value of pounds 4.
Published by NORTH LIGHT BOOKS, Painting on Rocks for Kids includes easy-to-follow pictures and instructions showing kids how to turn stones into works of imaginations to decorate their room, make doorstops or bookends, or just to paint for fun.
New doorstops - which keep a fire door open in any position and automatically close in the event of the firm alarm being activated - will be installed by next month.
Unfortunately, most of these books are more suited for doorstops and paperweights than for actual reading material.
Several management companies have installed tiptoe doorstops on all of their model apartment home doors so that the door stays open while the apartment is being demonstrated.
Too many companies invest in training programs that are seen as extra work by employees, or in producing massive manuals that staff prefer to use for doorstops.
For 40 years, people have had to deal with the short-comings of wedge doorstops that don't do the job," Pendergrass said.
However, I have used that swanky home gym that I got for a song on eBay: it's a perfect coat rack, is great for hanging washing on when it's raining, the bench is invaluable as extra seating when friends are over and three of the dumbbells are now doorstops.
While we're on the subject of iron, you'll find plenty of colorful doorstops made of cast iron priced at $17 (regular price is $20, retail runs up to $40).
And for 40 years, people have had to deal with the short-comings of doorstops that don't do the job.
Now hospital officials have issued a leaflet to advise parents on simple safety measures they can take, such as fitting doorstops.
Rather than filling precious landfill space, fax machines will be used for such things as boat anchors, pothole fillers and doorstops.