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a stop that keeps open doors from moving


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Chic Crafts Touch of Craft Managing Partner Julie Carceller shows an animal doorstopper, one of the brand's top selling products.
The Retired Senior Volunteer Programme currently runs a Lottery funded doorstoppers campaign, informing elderly people about doorstep crime and how to tackle pressure selling in the town.
com/doorbusters2009" target="_blank">Best Buy warned on its Doorstoppers page</a> that each store is only guaranteed to have a minimum of five laptops per store.
Talking of chips - which a hiccoughing Mr Key had with gammon, while Yours Truly munched a supremely cooked juicy steak - ours were not rickety sticks but great whopping doorstoppers fresh from the pan).
Under the Doorstoppers Initiative, launched today, counter staff will be on the lookout for elderly people making large cash withdrawals.
Another option for residents suspicious of callers is to dial Doorstoppers on 01926 435600, where council staff can make further checks.
I invented this product for myself, partly because I have only one good hand, but I discovered that my cleaning colleagues had similar complaints about conventional doorstoppers.
Report any incidents to the police or the trading standards doorstoppers hotline on 0845 3303313.