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a stop that keeps open doors from moving


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My sandwich was the proverbial doorstopper - they couldn't have got more filling in it if they had tried.
While its doorstopper of a catalogue has long since been out of print, until recently it was still possible to obtain a pocket-bursting shrunk version--though without the invaluable catalogue entries of the original (Kruta 1997).
On this continent baseball has the finest literary tradition, nicely expressed in a 721-page doorstopper called Baseball: A Literary Anthology (Library of America), edited by Nicholas Dawidoff.
Aid is getting media attention galore thanks to rock festivals, the launch of yet more doorstopper reports on poverty and UN deliberations about poverty reduction and other Millennium Development Goals.
While Linux certainly shines in terms of excellent backwards-compatibility, allowing you to run on hardware that is usually used as a doorstopper, there are still unresolved issues when it comes to plug-and-play.
When he is not churning out another fat doorstopper on some well-trodden topic, he is furiously composing blurbs for books by cronies and colleagues; in this compulsive endeavor he is rivaled only by Richard Howard, another blurboholic whose puffery at least has the virtue of being largely unintelligible and, so, harmless.
Because the DoorStopper can be custom imprinted, it can come in handy for promotional uses, fund-raisers, or even company gift-giving.
After many years in the commercial cleaning business, Coverall Cleaning Concepts Franchise Owner Robert Duff had recurrent aches and pains from bending over every time he had to use a doorstopper to prop a door open.
It was disappointing, therefore, to see that an 832-page doorstopper of a book called The Luminaries won this year's prestigious Man Booker literary prize.
Much as I enjoy ploughing through the latest doorstopper novel, quite often I'll reach for a collection of short stories, one of my favourite literary genres.
BOOKS: Buy a pile of trashy airport novels or a big doorstopper of a book and get stuck in.
A huge doorstopper of a novel with much more to it than most other chick lit.
The new version of The Count of Monte Cristo - which claims to be considerably more faithful to the original Dumas doorstopper than previous screen translations - brings out the dark side of Edmond Dantes, a man betrayed by his best friend and sent to an isolated prison for many years before he seeks revenge.
On my hasty skim of Scott's 18lb doorstopper, these are the charges against the Government.