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a stop that keeps open doors from moving


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My favorites are TOCI's beaded and leather tassel necklaces, colorful fabric bags and charms, and its uber cute animal doorstoppers.
The editors of the collection suggest that recent years have seen "an explosion" of interest in the 1688 Revolution; this is probably an oblique reference to Harris's 2006 monograph (Revolution: The Great Crisis of the British monarchy, 1685-1720, London) and Steven Pincus's 2008 veritable doorstopper, 1688: The First Modern Revolution (New Haven).
Book (Fiction): Donna Tartt's doorstopper of a novel, The Goldfinch, is a doorstopper, really.
This isn't a doorstopper fantasy where you find yourself skipping whole paragraphs and pages," said a recent reader.
Martin Mobberley's doorstopper 'Fan's Biography of Sir Patrick Moore' was ten years in the making.
These have been scrupulously chosen by the editor from a mass of material (housed mainly in Edinburgh University Library and the National Library of Scotland) that runs to at least thirty times the bulk of the present doorstopper.
For absent concrete, empirical applications a la Bourdieu (think Distinction, his doorstopper of a book), Wenger's all-encompassing definition goes a long way toward showing researchers interested in identifying, isolating, and interpreting practices of international law to what types of evidence to be attuned in times of practical immersion.
That was a 532-page doorstopper, the big book that publishers and agents - and readers and prize judges, as it turned out - love, a crossover success for a literary writer who had been publishing for decades.
But then, the only fat people I normally see are in our doorstopper of a history textbook, and the picture of my dad, so maybe my impression is skewed.
This is part of a campaign to dislodge the perception amongst a younger tech-savvy audience that the Yellow Pages directory is mainly a paper doorstopper, and instead is now on more devices than ever before.
When the bakers strike was on in the 70s, I think my mam made a loaf which we would use as a doorstopper, it was that heavy.
Richard Dowden, the British journalist, in his new 550-page doorstopper, Africa: Altered Sates, Ordinary Miracles, (published by Portobello Books, London, 2008) after quoting a Ghanaian cab driver in London saying that Lagos is "the most terrible place in the world", has a slightly more relaxed take on the city.
But after being handed the 900-page doorstopper it wasn't long before she handed it back admitting defeat after a few pages.
In the end, this was not entirely possible, though she produced poster maps and her slipcase design for three volumes of the work was adapted as the cover for the original, doorstopper single volume, held by hippies with the pride of a travelling preacher with his Bible.
At some 8 to 10 pages, it's a far cry from the massive tome that she plunked down in the mid-90s and which can now be found in flea markets (and perhaps on E-bay) in the doorstopper section.