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The rare blue and white moonflask (Bianhu) from the Ming Dynasty, Yongle Period, belonged to a family in Long Island, New York, and had been kept on a wooden stand and used as a doorstop at their home, the Telegraph reported.
E-readers themselves will be supplanted by devices not yet imagined, and then Stockley's grandchildren's grandchildren will be using their Kindles and iPads for doorstops.
Ryanodine binds to its receptor, says Cordova, "acting much like a doorstop, in that it locks the channel in a partially open state, resulting in calcium depletion" within cells and loss of muscle control.
The doorstop for one of the exits from the avionics shop stuck up out of the ground about 4 inches.
A good editor should have taken a red pencil to this doorstop.
This AD requires a one-time visual inspection for cracks on the attachment holes of the doorstop fitting on the aft passenger/crew doors, repair if necessary, and modification of the attachment holes.
115: a doorstop fixed to a floor to let a door open only 45 degrees, 1995.
Like Wolfe's first novel, this latest tome is doorstop heavy and revolves around a character on the verge of falling from the privileged elite into bankruptcy.
So they put their foot down--and created the Door Stopper, a springaction, plastic-coated steel doorstop that really works.
Ace Hardware, one of the nation's largest retailers, is making the innovative Rock 'N Lock doorstop available to its 4,500 retail locations around the world, Rock 'N Lock Inc.
Fall in love |with this Labrador doorstop, by Dora Designs, PS14.
Jeremy Hopkins The beautiful Brecon Beacons are right on Merthyr Tydfil's doorstop yet they'd rather have a scrap in a Poundworld.
The scheme, designed to deter rogue doorstop traders and con artists, in now in operation in Central Grange, Kenton, following a consultation of local residents led by Coun Stephen Lambert.
If nothing else, this year's Blue Book, which weighs more than 3 1/2 pounds, makes quite a doorstop.