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a stop that keeps open doors from moving


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I see something of myself in that damaged doorstop, a certain tall redhead in that taped-up chronograph, and many of you in both.
Next, buy enough doorstop vinyl weather stripping to seal the top and sides of your garage door (about $1 per ft.
When I turned to leave the bathroom, the wolf doorstop was in my way again, directly in front of the door.
The rare blue and white moonflask (Bianhu) from the Ming Dynasty, Yongle Period, belonged to a family in Long Island, New York, and had been kept on a wooden stand and used as a doorstop at their home, the Telegraph reported.
Dairy Crest has increased the price of a pint of milk sold through its Milk & More doorstop delivery service by 3p.
Heinlein, In Dialogue With His Century (Tor), William Patterson has given us a scholarly doorstop biography that's smoothly readable.
uk JOLLY JAMBER Get into the festive swing, and keep your doors open with this jolly Christmas pudding doorstop.
Nathaniel Belgrave left his 40-year-old victim with a fractured skull after striking her with a brass doorstop.
My grandchildren will be using my books for a doorstop.
With Christmas comes fruitcake, and if it comes from the Abbey of Gethsemani in Kentucky, it "is not the infamous fruitcake of doorstop jokes," according to Madeline Scherb in A Taste of Heaven: A Guide to Food and Drink Made by Monks and Nuns (Penguin).
Two updated wine guides are worth noting this month: another encyclopedic doorstop from master critic Robert M.
Especially interesting are the doorstop made from pieces of vintage fabric, the mousemat made from an old tyre and the discarded bottle-caps that have been turned into fridge magnets
When he ran home to show his father, a miner in the Central Queensland Gemfields, Harry Spencer threw it down by the back door to use as a doorstop.
She even offers a tip on creating a stylish doorstop -- simply wrap a standard builder's brick in ``a striking pop print.
The family used it as a doorstop for three years until a jeweler recognized the value of what was a hunk of gold.