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the sill of a door

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But life changes for Max when an eight-foot-tall black man is shot dead execution-style at his office doorsill.
Apple's share had crossed the 500 dollars doorsill back in February, and they reached a high of 644 dollars on Tuesday.
When I raise my eyes I see a man standing at the doorsill [.
Look for a stove in which the firebox floor is at least 3 inches below the doorsill.
All but saints and hermits mean to paint themselves toward an exit leaving a pleasant ocean of azure or jonquil ending neatly at the doorsill.
Noodle's Halloween costume--a sheriff's getup--hangs, newly pressed and ready for the neighborhood walk that evening, on the kitchen doorsill.
Don't tell her she's wrong when she comes to your doorsill.
I have seen him three or four times, leaning at the doorsill, or into the window, talking--seeming to enter into their life" (WWC, 9:144).
The oldest structure found so far, dating to about 6,400 years ago, featured a massive entrance framed by two towers and an enormous doorsill made of a single piece of basalt.
He sits on his doorsill to take the sun's warmth, to hear the owls, to observe the clatter and turn of geese northbound in spring.
Had Polyphemus practiced the values of xenia, as evidenced earlier in Telemachus' treatment of the stranger at his doorsill and Menelaus's hospitality toward Telemachus and Pisistratus on their unannounced visit to the Spartan king, he would not have been so forward as to ask these probing questions before making his "guests" welcome.
The extra equipment is in addition to that of the M Sport that includes aluminium glacier silver interior trim, anthracite headlining, an M Sports steering wheel and M doorsill finishers, too.
To check the height, make sure you're measuring to the sub-floor, that is, the wood or concrete that the doorsill actually rests on and not a secondary layer of particleboard or plywood (underlayment).
There are stainless steel doorsill kick-plates and brushed aluminium detailing on the instruments as well as a special mesh grille and chrome tailpipe to distinguish the Sport's exterior from the rest of the range.