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a jamb for a door


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The specific inflation pressure number can be found on the vehicle placard located on the driver's side doorpost, glove box door, fuel door or in the owner's manual.
It also made a special Mezuzah, or decorative case containing parchment inscribed with a Hebrew prayer that is traditionally affixed to the doorpost for protection.
If Kate and I were going to move in together, at least we'd have a mezuzah on our doorpost.
Describing the accident in a statement two years ago, Mr Brown said: "The driver's doorpost took my left leg off above the knee.
We also put in another paragraph, the V'ahavta, which says, remember to put these words on your doorpost, remember to put them in your tefillin.
The exterior is further personalised by 195/45 R16 wheels with hubcaps featuring the interlocking GG in the matching colour of the car's bodywork, while the Gucci signature appears on the hatchback as well on the doorpost.
Bills of all kinds could be found anywhere, but, surprisingly, "the most popular places for attaching playbills" turns out to be "the walls, doors and doorposts of London homes" so that post seems "to have referred to a doorpost rather than anything else" (51).
It told the story of the mezuzah from the doorpost of the German childhood home of Rabbi Leo Trepp that was was hidden during the war, later salvaged, and sent to him in America after many of his family members were killed.
The hands, including those of children, were proudly hung on the overseer's doorpost while severed heads were planted on sticks in his garden.
And on the doorpost of their house it says, "Ye shall Jove each other with all your hearts and with all your souls.
The DM-I unit is fitted to the doorpost and allows operators to enter through one access point and exit through another in multi-access applications.
The only way for a head to appear between between a 'Tire-house dore' and the 'Tapistrie' is for the door to be swung open (presumably to lie flat against the tiring house wall) and for Tarlton to peep his head through the gap between the doorpost where the door is hinged and the curtain which hangs in the open doorway.
After the man left, Suzanna knelt at the doorpost, weeping and praying in Slovak.
Candle lighting for Shabbat (the Sabbath) and holidays, affixing a mezuzah to a doorpost, the Passover seder, all constitute part of the core of Jewish life.
The officer deliberately stood behind the doorpost on the driver's side of the vehicle.