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a nameplate fastened to a door

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The Key-Guard consists of a substantial 3-mm steel body with a solid 5-mm doorplate and weighs more than 25 kilograms.
The magic of the transformation is to reconfigure the academic fields in schools so that only the namesake appears, as a ubiquitous doorplate to mark a house.
In Mujer saliendo del psicoanalista (Woman leaving the psychoanalyst), 1960, a figure in a very odd green garment steps away from the office of her doctor, identified by a doorplate as Dr.
Jekyll's office, marked by an august, gold-lettered doorplate, she is immediately ushered in by the doctor's kindly nurse, who proceeds to perform the preliminary examinations.
Photographs and artifacts augment the manuscripts, illuminating Freud's life from his early days as a neuroscientist through the rise of psychoanalysis to his flight from the Nazis in 1938 and his death at 83 in london the following year The oblong doorplate from Berggasse 19 reads: "Prof.
Gross amounts: 190 st doorplate 15/15 6 st wall sign 60/75 8 st ceiling sign 70/20 5 st flag sign 15/15 2 pcs.
Five tiny crown stamps found on the bolt, bolt shroud, follower, bottom metal, and doorplate indicate that the rifle passed inspection and was test-fired and zeroed.
The height from top of rear sight to magazine Doorplate is about the same as a Model 1911 and other similar service pistols.
The group also produces a range of signs from a simple doorplate to the largest factory signage.
The hinged, solid-steel magazine doorplate fits flush with the triggerguard.
By the end of 2012, it replaced doorplate logo and employee costume at 23,000 outlets, and fulfilled standardization of 12,000 outlets in total.
The steel magazine is beautifully blued, with an extended polymer doorplate marked "Plus," even though the window count goes only to 15.
619 West 54th Street, the home of the New York Stem Cell Foundation's recently developed 40,000 s/f research institute and headquarters, features the infrastructure necessary to support life science and medical tenants including 33,000 s/f doorplates, robust electrical capacity, emergency generators, high floor loads, and high ceilings.
Full length bottom metal with hinged doorplates or drop magazines complicate bedding/accurizing procedures.