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Synonyms for doormat

a person who is physically weak and ineffectual

a mat placed outside an exterior door for wiping the shoes before entering


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NEW YORK-Americans love their holidays and love to decorate their homes -- doormats to guest towels -- for each one.
Carpet lovers can limit buildup by placing commercial doormats at all entries, removing shoes at the door, and vacuuming, he says.
Although the average shopper may not know them by name, coir doormats are widely popular welcome mats for homes and small businesses.
The utility section of doormats are all branded Mohawk, some under a Mohawk Essentials label.
Residents received a letter saying they faced legal action if they refused to remove their doormats from communal areas.
Casteel confirmed that doormats are definitely a growth category for Mohawk.
a ias Her last gaff got broken into and now she shares an apartment building with some noisy neighbours - and partygoers who steal her doormats.
It dries 5 times faster than ordinary doormats and can be machine washed and dried.
A ZENA SAYS: Doormats have become quite funky in the past few years.
It's a walkover this week with three designer doormats for three very different prices.
For example, they say items such as chairs, beds and home furnishings get named after Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian towns, whereas doormats, draught excluders and small rugs are named after Danish towns.
A COUNCIL which banned tenants from placing doormats outside their front doors has bowed to public pressure and changed its policy.
Anyway, we had had trouble finding doormats of the correct thickness and size and buying them by guesswork meant we had accumulated quite a collection that had been put to other use.
The outdoor coir doormats at Boston Warehouse were created to be fun and upbeat.
SAUGUS - Along the sidewalks of a quiet Saugus neighborhood, City Council candidate Henry Schultz took his message door to door Tuesday, chatting with residents and planting leaflets under doormats.