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Synonyms for doormat

a person who is physically weak and ineffectual

a mat placed outside an exterior door for wiping the shoes before entering


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uk If you've ever had a long-distance romance, this original airmail doormat will bring back memories.
But Mrs Daykin, who lives on Spring Grove Street, thinks the taped-down carpet, doormats and small drop-leaf table outside her first floor flat should remain.
The Dirt-trapper Doormat, from the Turtle Mat Company, is made from an absorbent cotton-polyester blend with 800 grams of pile per square metre.
DEVOTED Donna Wilson is a contender for the title of Biggest Doormat in Britain - because she lets her love-rat husband walks all over her.
Edgar Hoover--he never let the Bureau become a doormat for White House aides," Safire said.
Disabled or not, no one really cares for a doormat.
Manufactured primarily in India and Sri Lanka, these natural coco mats are "green" alternatives to the traditional doormat.
These Britain's Naughtiest Pet entries include a dog nominated as "the doormat killer" and a milk-loving kitten dubbed "the fridge raider".
Doormat now available at retail outlets nationwide.
A WORSHIPPER is suing her church for pounds 30,000 after tripping over a doormat while preparing flowers for the Sunday service.
I cannot see someone tripping over a doormat," the Daily Mail quoted Keith Williams as saying.
Fit a doormat into a laminate floor LAMINATE flooring is ideal for hallways - good looking, hardwearing and easy to clean.
Last Saturday, the Telegraph reported that Mainstay Residential Limited, which manages Harlequin Court off The Avenue in Whitley, Coventry, had sent the owner of one apartment a letter stating that his doormat was a "serious health and safety risk".
Not the Jack and Jill type well, but the wooden type well that holds a cork doormat and which gives access to the foundations of the house.
Chilewich added the color birch to its Skinny Stripe Shag doormat, which can be used both inside and outside because of its waterproof, mold-resistant attributes.