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I bet if the doorman had punched this woman in the face as a reaction to being glassed, he would have found himself in court.
The Karel Doorman has cut short its involvement in the international Northern Coasts exercise and is currently en route to the Dutch naval port of Den Helder, where it is expected to arrive on Friday morning.
The incident - filmed by a customer inside Hardy's bar, on Easter Sunday, and viewable on the ECHO website - appears to show the doorman avoiding a punch from a woman before striking her in the face.
Police and ambulance were called and Mr Green was found to have a black eye as a result of the blow but he refused to make any complaint against the doorman.
The partnership will provide residents of Virtual Doorman buildings with "Red Hat Concierge" service--the same concierge service provided by many of New York's most luxurious hotels and condominiums with on-site staff.
Given that CANSEC had concluded the previous day and the fact that the 27,000-ton Karel Doorman could not sail any closer to Canada's national capital, the timing and location of the on-board reception was no coincidence.
Virtual Doorman is currently in action in more than 200 properties in the New York City area, serving thousands of rental apartments, cooperatives, condominiums and townhomes.
Craig Birch, 31, was found guilty of wounding with intent at the city's crown court for the attack on the doorman outside the Harp Inn on June 6.
A member of the public helped the doorman, Derek Denton, to wrestle the man to the ground and held him until the police arrived.
A ROW over a cigarette led to the death of a popular doorman by causing "a fatal adrenalin rush", a court heard.
DOORMAN Richard Davis tackled violent, booze-filled brawls on the streets of Newport in Channel 4 docu-soap Bouncers.
Former doorman John Keillor, 29, said Mo "offered money to me and another doorman to do over Toby and Marc McHardy (another employee).
Two exhibitions - on view at The Royal Horseguards and Charing Cross hotels - have been curated by Gemma Williams to celebrate the launch of the doorman hat collection and will also showcase couture collaborations and archive pieces from the last five years of Justin's work.
A DAD of two has been given a suspended jail sentence for assaulting a nightclub doorman.
Whether one arrives at a Las Vegas resort in a taxicab, shuttle bus, Maserati, or stretch limo, a visitor is greeted by a doorman who radiates welcoming optimism.