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a lock on an exterior door

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Add to that a few bits and pieces such as a dodgy doorlock and a couple of bulbs and the bill came to just over EUR500.
SGS-THOMSON Microelectronics (NYSE:STM) has introduced the super smart power doorlock (L9942), which is an integrated circuit that combines on one chip all of the functions needed to control and drive an automotive doorlock actuator.
In the Smart Tech zone, many exhibitors are featuring Home Automation Systems, from smart doorlocks that unlock by mobile phone to digital keys that can be sent over the internet, for prospective tenants or purchasers to view properties.
GM sought to standardize its platforms and standardize components that consumers never noticed, such as doorlocks.
In the nursing home, the resident wears a lightweight badge emitting an infrared signal pinpointing his/her location and, if so programmed, interacting with doorlocks to either permit or deny egress.
Universite Joseph Fourier - Polytech'Grenoble (France): TouchKey : Home and Building Access Management Platform for NFC Doorlocks
Another growing dynamic in many emerging markets is the focus on comfort, convenience and entertainment offerings such as power windows, doorlocks and powerful audio heads, which car buyers value for their visible status.
Joe Public, already the mug, pays his taxes religiously, and also finances CCTV cameras, burglar alarms, special doorlocks, increased insurance premiums and extra policing, yet fears to venture on to the streets he pays for while the Lords rejects fair proposals to reduce crime for reasons which appear to favour criminals.
Matchsticks and glue were stuffed into the doorlocks of the shops on the busiest betting day of the year in Galway.
It even has the old-fashioned pop-up doorlocks, a subtle turn at the sills to suggest running boards and chrome art-deco door-handles.