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Synonyms for doorknocker

a device (usually metal and ornamental) attached by a hinge to a door

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Ben, a teacher, has recently moved into a new house and found a doorknocker in his garden.
When the day comes, I'll probably be clinging to the doorknocker, but so far I think I can just.
Snitch shows tight lips, a scarred cheek; Comb catches its exemplar in right profile, a comb midway through his thick, impeccable doorknocker.
The doorknocker in my third example (opposite, middle) uses the sun as a symbol.
HUD RECOGNIZED 20 STATE AND LOCAL governments with its first national HOME Doorknocker Award for outstanding work in providing affordable housing to low-income and underserved people.
18k gold snake arm-band with: diamonds, $2,950, gold and diamond brooch worn at the strap of the dress, $4,800, 18k gold doorknocker earrings, $2,850, all from Crissy Galleries.
He lifted the brass doorknocker, but the door opened before he could use it.
Your client, Daisy Doorknocker, heard some mysterious bubbling sounds and loud footsteps.
Doorknocker and Hannah Hosanna, the Claussens spread the gospel by exchanging their ``Sunday best'' for oversize clothes, floppy shoes and bright-color wigs.
The new Black style consists of doorknocker earnings, vibrant Moroccan beads, loose-fitting pants, wildly painted jeans, Ghanaian cloth wrap-around skirts, and other Afrocentric attire.
Adding a doorknocker, speakeasy, decorative glass or metal accents to an upgraded front door can give an Old World home a heightened level of charm to catch a buyer's eye.
The finale sees a teacher drawn into the house's history when he screws an old doorknocker to his door and finds it adds a lot more than just olde worlde atmosphere.
Mangan snr had his biggest success with June's Friend in the 1981 Thyestes Chase, but he also bred the 1956 Champion Hurdle winner Doorknocker.
Both sides frame a picturesque arched wooden door with a fossil stone surround and a large Mediterranean-style doorknocker.
Some ideas might be a home-related item like a doorknocker, a plant or bouquet of flowers, or a gift certificate for a local restaurant, home-improvement store or cleaning service.