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a knob used to release the catch when opening a door (often called 'doorhandle' in Great Britain)

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You get a cold by touching doorknobs, phones, subway straps and other shared surfaces, then touching your eyes, nose or any other port of entry.
Almost one-third of respondents said telephones led the list for harboring the most office building germs, followed by doorknobs and handles (28%), restrooms (24%), elevators (7%), cafeteria (6%) and desks (3%).
The virus is transmitted (passed between people) in tiny droplets of body fluid coughed or sneezed into the air, or by infected surfaces, such as doorknobs.
But it was his satirical claim that he tried to infect 2000 Republican presidential hopeful Gary Bauer with the flu--by secretly licking doorknobs, staplers, and other assorted supplies in the candidate's office--that put him on the national radar.
If the honeycomb tile and glass doorknobs don't get you, then the deep sleeping porch overlooking yard and gardens certainly will.
Mostly, it's the equivalent of "people going around and trying the doorknobs on your house," he said.
Swab cultures from all environmental surfaces (bed rails, bedside commodes, carts, charts, doorknobs, faucet handles) were also examined.
Consisting of a molded covering designed to go over doorknobs and handles of many types, the product is said to give people afflicted with arthritis or other disabilities the power to, for example, easily and painlessly turn faucets, open small jars and pill bottles, or manipulate tool handles and gear-shifter knobs.
In the article he also said he had licked doorknobs at campaign headquarters, hoping to give Bauer a bout of the flu.
Developed by BioCote Ltd, in association with Wolverhampton University and backed by Oxford Technology Venture Capital Trust, BioCote of CFB House, 8-10 Malew Street, Castletown, Isle of Man, tel:0162 482 5472 assure us this new powder coating system will be more than a match for antibacterial paint, apart from its use on wide areas like walls but this is not a major problem and the key sources of contaminants are contact points, like handrails and doorknobs, where powder coating is often used.
Officers observe a convicted sex offender trying the doorknobs of residences in a local neighborhood.
Her paternal grandmother, "Mother," who trained as a "private duty" nurse, introduced McDowell to the world of "daydreams inspired by oval bars of French-milled soap, crystal doorknobs, a silver handheld mirror with matching comb and brush, and a vibrant blue bottle of rosewater that sat serenely in the window.
The original polished bronze and polished chrome insignia Westbury doorknobs have been restored.
Anything they touch - doorknobs, kitchen equipment or someone else's hand - can transfer the infection.