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an official stationed at the entrance of a courtroom or legislative chamber


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the lowest of the minor Holy Orders in the unreformed Western Church but now suppressed by the Roman Catholic Church

References in classic literature ?
Mordaunt followed Bernouin, who led him through the adjacent chamber and left him with a doorkeeper, showing him the way out.
That is he," said the doorkeeper, pointing to a strongly built, broadshouldered man with a curly beard, who, without taking off his sheepskin cap, was running lightly and rapidly up the worn steps of the stone staircase.
Bring your election leaflets to prove to the doorkeepers that you actually are an MP.
Convention services personnel, waiters, room attendants, doorkeepers, bellhops, management, and even the sales staff have been with The Greenbrier for years, and in some cases decades.
Offbeat moment: "I can't get used to being called Ma'am by the doorkeepers - I keep turning around expecting to see the Queen.
The 268-page, perfect-bound edition is a collection of the wildly diverse personalities who give Los Angeles its character, from the woman who bakes our morning croissants to the nightclub doorkeepers who sneer at our shoes, from the comedian destined for the Walk of Fame to the guy who shines the Hollywood Boulevard stars on his hands and knees.
She said she had seen one of the protestors being dragged out of the chamber and, 'pretty well choked' by parliamentary doorkeepers.
Three were stopped by doorkeepers as they jogged along a corridor but five, including Ferry, burst into the chamber.
Redvers, 34, and Elliott, 43, were among those prevented from entering the chamber, but Thame, 36, was among the five who marched past the doorkeepers and into the main chamber.
The Serjeant at Arms Sir Michael Cummins, his ushers and doorkeepers ( known as the "men in tights" because of their traditional dress ( are currently responsible for security in the Commons.
From then on there were only three unarmed doorkeepers between the eight invaders and the chamber.
The group rushed past doorkeepers - who managed to grab up to five of them - and shouted at MP Michael who cowered in his front-bench seat.
IT was from 'old greys' - old doorkeepers and employees of music publishers to whom songwriters played their songs.
Basing themselves on medieval Western sources they assumed, however, that a woman's diaconate was just a minor order, a mere "blessing" such as was given to readers, acolytes or doorkeepers.
As to kinistu, this term could not be a designation of a class of priests, since, inter alia, doorkeepers and fishermen are also assigned to this group (see H.