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an official stationed at the entrance of a courtroom or legislative chamber


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the lowest of the minor Holy Orders in the unreformed Western Church but now suppressed by the Roman Catholic Church

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The cavalier entered the second hall, which was guarded by the musketeers and doorkeepers.
That is he," said the doorkeeper, pointing to a strongly built, broadshouldered man with a curly beard, who, without taking off his sheepskin cap, was running lightly and rapidly up the worn steps of the stone staircase.
Here we see that the doorkeeper has flung the doors open to those who would be in relationship with Christ.
Doorkeeper services at the University Residences of the Regional Agency for the Right to Education of Tuscany, locations of Florence, Pisa and Siena.
A wonderfully designed booklet that accompanies the show includes a great bit of text on the show which includes the following sentence as a summary, "At first glance, [the works] seem to speak more of our attempts at practicing self-taming and self-numbing, or what Nietzsche called an 'active forgetfulness,' that doorkeeper to social grooming in which our interior life is reduced to nothing more than a tabula rasa from which we have wiped away any sign of tremulous affect.
UVA A Roman doorkeeper B Clamour C A grape-like berry who am I?
Politicians do not have the right to invite anybody in against the wishes of the majority, for as a British politician they are the doorkeeper not the door opener.
All nations, especially the smaller and poorer ones, know that to enter the halls of the American Sultan, in order to get aid and support, they have to bribe the doorkeeper.
He has been called "the doorkeeper of a new age," and by Ernest Cassirer (1874-1945), he has been described as "the first modern philosopher.
The Law,' Derrida writes, 'keeps itself [se garde] without keeping itself, kept [gardee] by a doorkeeper who keeps nothing, the door remaining open and open onto nothing.
Five years later, Molloy ran against long-standing incumbent, William Miller, for House of Representatives Doorkeeper.
Israel has become a kind of Kafkaesque doorkeeper to the world's sole remaining superpower.
There were also a couple of armed robberies in Abbadieh and Ghazir with thieves making away with US $: 700 in cash and LL: 360 Thousand when they held at gunpoint a doorkeeper and another apartment resident where they stole his wallet and personal documents.