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a jamb for a door


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An officer present during the incident said he reportedly heard the 18-year-old's head make "a loud thud" as it hit the doorjamb, the feds alleged in the affidavit.
Carefully trim the plastic around your doorjamb, leaving at least six extra inches to wrap around and attach to the framework.
Be sure the paint color and finish are uniform, and check inside doorjambs for dull-looking overspray.
The first shot was directed at hostages as they fled the scene a few hours after the siege started, but hit only the doorjamb.
I tried again, wobbled, and had to grab the doorjamb.
A few years ago when Robert used a walker, he tripped on a doorjamb and fell.
Then someone showed me a very simple trick: Lay a crowbar on the floor close to the hinge side of the doorjamb, place the bottom edge of the door on top of the crowbar, and press down on the crowbar with your foot to raise the door to the level of the hinges, push the hinge halves together, and drop in the pin.
Yet the daughter of a New York teacher and a school principal, who once thought she might follow in her parents' footsteps (and who did earn a master's in education from Harvard), still maintains an earthy quality as evidenced by the scribbled measurements on her doorjamb, indicating the ascending height of staff members' children.
The wrought iron doorjamb is still twisted, the result of explosives the Army used to blast their way into the house, the family adds.
Using the doorjamb as cover, Judge Peetris threw open his robe to clear his snubnosed Smith & Wesson .
No matter how durable a light might be, if you bang/scrape/bust it off the firearm by hitting it on a doorjamb in the dark, it won't survive.
I hang before it now, my heel upon the threshold, my hand against the doorjamb, and hesitate.
Despite great sentimental value, it is best nailed up over the doorjamb next to the lucky horseshoe.
A white copper bowl often decorated by Ya Hossein, Damn Yazid, was used to drink water; it was hung by chain on the doorjamb of Saqakhaneh.