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the frame that supports a door

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Without any doorframe reinforcement on a standard residential doorframe, all it takes is a strong kick and the doorframe blows out," said Nick Fairless, Owner of Door Devil(TM).
You must start with a rough opening, which means the old doorframe must be removed.
Our new integrated doors fill living spaces with light and fresh air in the summer months, while also offering filtering screens that slide smoothly out of the doorframe for protection from strong sunlight and insects," Peter said.
This article will focus on the doorframe, describing what I believe to be the earliest wood art in Ladakh preserved in situ, and tracing its relations with artistic creations in other areas of Ladakh and beyond.
Tear off your notes and stick on the doorframe, window or toolbox near where you need them.
When she composed herself she simply asked: "Are you going to fix that shed doorframe anytime soon, then?
Prosecuting, Tom Morgan Jones said that Ms Pritchard confronted Jones and she was pushed back hitting her head against a doorframe.
Summary: MLEETA: As construction workers put the finishing touches on the doorframe in the lobby of this extravagant complex, a familiar voice can be heard booming from within.
She then proceeded to bounce him around, as if he was in one of those elasticated baby chairs that hang from the doorframe.
Invercargill resident Simon Wilson told Radio New Zealand: "It was quite a large motion, the whole house was moving, the door was moving in the doorframe, and the fence posts were moving.
Poised, a diver on the doorframe of my impressionable bungalow,
The same applies to painting the door and the doorframe.
And, fun as it would be to see him spinning a web across a doorframe and cursing when somebody walks through it, the idea didn't have legs.
6 Close the door and open out the bolt so it marks the inside of the doorframe.
brightness in a 40' hallway; minimal arc-of-muzzle-movement to illuminate a 12'-by-12' room and, finally, with the weapon's muzzle 2' outside a doorway, a center-focused beam with enough "corona" to ID threats to the sides, but not enough to illuminate me with light reflected from the doorframe or adjoining walls.