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the frame that supports a door

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Where are Pugin and Ruskin when you need them, to describe the hideous back elevations of this revolting building, the pretentious rubbish of a grand staircase going nowhere, the creeping tawdry gift shop, the cheap suspended ceilings, the vile laser-cut ironwork, the derisory incomprehensible 'jokes' of the fading pilasters, and the silly plans with their mutilated 'classical' doorcases, which were no doubt amusing for anyone in America who had never seen at first hand a third-rate building by Sir Herbert Baker.
As he wrote these lines Pope could witness his friend Lord Burlington's contribution to the ascendant Palladian style in architecture, which paradoxically did much to hasten the final decline of decorative history painting, for while Wren and his contemporaries had designed their interiors almost as blank boxes into which the craftsmen and painters could introduce their talents, Colen Campbell, Lord Burlington and his protege William Kent had succeeded in producing the sort of highly `architectural' interiors which divided the wall space by using heavy cornices, plasterwork compartments, doorcases with elaborate pediments and architraves etc.
The much vaunted quality of detailing is in fact rarely to be found: doorcases, railings and other fittings can all be found down to the same basic standard as on any other estate and to the tweeness of 'olde worlde' features the lunacy in the blind windows is testator.
The Drawing Room also has Kinsman's ceiling and frieze, which provides an effective contrast to the exceptionally ornate panelling and doorcases of the joiner, Thomas Carter.
The result is that not only were the marble columns of the nave arcades, the marble facings in the sanctuary and the mosaic decoration in the apse all imported, but the high altar is 16th-century and came from S Pietro in Bologna; the mid-18th-century altar of St Francis and the marble communion rails and sanctuary floor are from a demolished church in Rome; the Lady Chapel altar is 18th-century Neapolitan; the altar of St Anthony is said to be from S Maria del Priorato, Rome; and two doorcases at the end of the aisles are believed to come from a Roman palazzo.
Gilding to the Ceiling & Cornice of Octagon Room Eighty Pounds--the woodwork of doorcases & caps--also the WindOw dressings & the Skirtings Twenty Pounds--Fourl panels (No X) which are called decorations 12:10 each of 50 [pounds sterling]--The 4 others instead of the decoration merely--seventy pounds.
Stuart's overmantel, cornice and doorcases are also extant (Fig.