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a light door with transparent or glazed panels extending the full length

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When I finished my work and returned to the car I found the rear door window smashed, the door was open and the money was gone," he said.
Broomhower, 41, of Simi Valley, had broken the front door window at Belwood Liquor in the 4400 block of Alamo Street on Wednesday and escaped after struggling with a witness about 4:15 a.
The court noted that jail officials did not know about the problem, and that once the inmate made them aware of it, they investigated and mitigated the problem by placing a removable piece of magnetic paper over the lower door window.
The pensioner was asleep downstairs when the assailant smashed a front door window to get in.
Repairing of door window, painting white washing & bath fitting etc.
Passenger door window smashed to get into vehicle and steal property.
A brick smashed through a door window, sending razor-sharp slivers of glass into a woman's eye, and hitting another female passenger.
Current uses include instrument-cluster backlighting, gearshift consoles, door window and lock buttons, and semi-transparent rear roof liners.
Tim Morgan, managing principal for TTF Aerospace states, "We have worked out our communication concerns with InspecTech and look forward to receiving the mock up for the optional cockpit door window.