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Synonyms for hand

round of applause




at or on hand

by hand


hand in glove


  • in association
  • in partnership
  • in league
  • in collaboration
  • in cooperation
  • in cahoots

hands down


  • easily
  • effortlessly
  • with ease
  • comfortably
  • without difficulty
  • with no trouble
  • standing on your head
  • with one hand tied behind your back
  • with no contest
  • with your eyes closed or shut

hand something around or round


hand something back

hand something down: pass on or down

hand something down: pronounce

hand something on

hand something or someone in

hand something or someone over: give

hand something or someone over: turn over

hand something out

in hand: in reserve


in hand: under way


in hand: under control


lay hands on someone: attack

lay hands on someone: bless

lay hands on something: get hold of

lend a hand


try your hand


Synonyms for hand

approval expressed by clapping

the act or an instance of helping

the particular angle from which something is considered

one of two or more contrasted parts or places identified by its location with respect to a center


to relinquish to the possession or control of another

to cause to be transferred from one to another

hand down: to convey (something) from one generation to the next

hand down: to deliver (an indictment or verdict, for example)


hand on: to convey (something) from one generation to the next

hand out: to pass (something) out

hand out: to make a gift of

hand out: to present as a gift to a charity or cause

hand over: to relinquish to the possession or control of another

hand over: to put in the charge of another for care, use, or performance

Synonyms for hand


Related Words

a position given by its location to the side of an object

Related Words

the cards held in a card game by a given player at any given time

one of two sides of an issue

Related Words

a rotating pointer on the face of a timepiece

a unit of length equal to 4 inches

a member of the crew of a ship

Related Words

a card player in a game of bridge

a round of applause to signify approval

terminal part of the forelimb in certain vertebrates (e.g. apes or kangaroos)

Related Words

physical assistance

guide or conduct or usher somewhere

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3 Confirm the door swing direction and fasten the hinge-side Z-bar to the correct side (if necessary).
The door swings neatly inwards along a concealed track for a clean, sleek look.
each morning as the eastern door swings to greet the day,
A BEDROOM door swings open and Danny Baldwin gets the shock of his life.
The door swings open and a squat, cylindrical object negotiates itself over the threshold and then trundles into the officer's quarters.
A large 38 1/2"-wide door swings fully open to allow easy transfer of ambulatory residents or residents who require assistance.
Only during concerts, when the entrances are exposed to ingest the public, and a huge loading dock door swings open like the maw of a ferry, does the building reveal its hand.
Sliding translucent panels are used as closet doors to create the perception of openness and to eliminate space lost to door swings.
I've lost several executives that I wish were still here," AT&T's Michael Armstrong told CE recently, adding that the revolving door swings despite efforts to compete.
This is another self-confessional memoir in which interest pivots on that moment when the closet door swings open after a lifetime of sexual claustrophobia.