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spring-loaded doorlock that can only be opened from the outside with a key


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On Friday, February 28, a Sacramento County jury returned a verdict in favor of Ford Motor Company, finding that a 1989 Ford Taurus had no defect in the design of its cruise control system, door latch and seat belt, as claimed by Carolyn Watts.
For more information about defective door latch litigation, contact David Strouss or Kristen Fritz of Thornton & Naumes at 1-800-431-4600 or Fritz Jekel of Motley Rice at 1-800-768-4026 or visit http://www.
The defect in question is alleged to involve door latch systems on the affected vehicles that do not comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations and can result in an unintended door opening and passenger ejection in motor vehicle accidents.
The automaker said Friday that a part in the door latch spring assembly can break, causing the latch to fail.
The company will proactively inspect and replace the " right hand door latch assembly" of 19,780 units of Alto 800 and 13,318 units of Alto K10, MSIL said in a statement.
The system, which is the size of two small match boxes, fits into the door latch, weighs 300/0 less than existing systems and provides weight saving options that could trim up to one lb.
In a statement, Trading Enterprises said: "If the manual or power door lock is activated while an interior front door handle is being operated by an occupant, the cable connecting the interior door handle to the door latch mechanism may become loose and move out of position.
vent with damper, interior door latch, an outdoor use package, chart recorder, door switch and adjustable timer.
That left Door Latch, expertly prepared by my favourite trainer Josh Gifford, whose travelling head lad would sometimes impart some highly prized information after my mate Arthur bunged him a few quid.
A radio recording reveals him telling controllers: "I went to the lavatory and the door latch broke.
In a cockpit radio recording, obtained by the New York Post, he can be heard telling air traffic control: "The captain, myself, went back to the lavatory and the door latch broke and I had to fight my way out of it with my body to get the door open.
The name is taken from the Northern dialect, in which a sneck was a door latch.
Its rear tank door latch is described as innovative and its space-efficient trailer configuration and hose reel are said to provide big-machine productivity in applications with small, confined workspaces.
Thieves got in by bending door latch and bypassing padlock mechanism.