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Door Guard Plus is a temporary door cover designed with projects such as hospitals, retirement homes and universities in mind, which commonly feature plus-sized doors.
Blanca works in a fast food joint and Diego is a door guard at a municipal building.
We use tubular door guard beams instead of a more conventional folded 'W' design," says Paul Williamsen, curriculum manager at the University of Toyota.
The door guard should have a list of tenants and sub-tenants, along with contact name and phone numbers, and the lists should be run alphabetically, as well as by floor and apartment number.
I could not do anything," said Reny Megis, a door guard at the disco.
A decade later, after a friend's father vanished from his hospital sick bed, Logan invented Door Guard, a time-delay control door latch that now serves schools, theaters, airports and government buildings, including the Capitol.
Samsung's RZ80EERS twin freezer's Quick Frost Box features five drawer capacity and soft frost door guard allowing plenty of storage, it said.
The vehicle features a reworked front fascia with new grille, new front spoiler and design changes that wrap around towards the back, new chrome side door guard moulding trim accents and new rear tire deflectors, a new chrome license plate finisher and a new rear spoiler.
Other products that sold out included the 3 in 1 Interchangeable Leather Belts from Salena's Collection in Jacksonville, 100% Cotton Terrycloth Hair Pouch from Deltona Distributors in Deltona, Solid Pine Futons from Benchmark Woodcraft in Sanford, Set of 2 Quickchange 6 in 1 Screwdrivers from Qualtool in Taveres, Winning Ways to Prizes Book from Allan Terl in Fort Lauderdale, Set of 3 Lowfat Quick Fudge Mixes from Lenz Magic Fudge Company in Longwood, "Flea Away" from Better Pet Products in Clearwater, Space Saving Spice Rack from Frick & Frack in Edgewater and Save-a-Door Metal Door Guard from Peaco Industries in Plantation.
Products like Tubskin bathtub protection, Carpet Film carpet protection, and award-winning Door Guard door protection are on sale now.
Tenders are invited for Door Guard Suitable For Bcnhl Wagon Conforming To Rdso Drawing/Spec.
Bill Womacks, retired builder/developer, living in Tucson has invented the “Garage Door Guard Dawg,” a simple device that prevents access by would-be-intruders.
The portfolio now includes diverse car interior accessory products, featured ones being Car Seat Beads, Car Comfort Kit, Foot Mats, Steering Cover, Car Graphics, Perfume And Air Fresheners, Car Body Covers, Mobile Holder, Sun Shade, Dashboard Mat/Tray, Steering Handle, Car Door Guard, Bumper protector and others.
Including informal settlement throughout the construction period, fences and gates, access control and door guard, guard, railing, access roads, waste incl.