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the frame that supports a door

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Police said his four-year-old brother inadvertently pushed the electric window button in upwards mode and the rising glass pinched the boy's neck in the narrowing space in the door frame.
The company said even if the door frame is bent by as much as 1.
PC Wayne Wright, Sunderland Area Command, said: "Whoever is responsible hasn't managed to force the door open and luckily nothing was stolen, but they have damaged the door frame and locks.
Most doors have to be trimmed to fit, but if you live in a period property, getting the doors to fit can be a struggle because period doors tend not to be a standard size and your door frames may have moved over time.
Fixing hinges on the door frame Check your new hinges fit against the old ones on the frame.
Tender notice number : MPPD/TENDER NO -38 & Work No: Door Frame Metal Detector -Portable
Standard features include patented barrier rear doors, a stainless steel rear door frame, air ride suspension, a 10" heavy duty wear band, and the highest rated, patented standard floor system.
Tenders are invited for Procurement of Multi Zone Door Frame Metal Detector
Utilizing patented, rot-resistant ends, FrameSaver produces the only wood door frame that eliminates "callbacks" for the building and construction professional.
Limited Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Door Frame Metal Detector For Hq 9 Inf Div
Tenders are invited for Purchase Of Door Frame Metal Detector
The building had been remodeled in 1954 with large ceramic tiles added to its facade and the parapet and door frame removed.
1 wheel loader with an operating weight 14/17 tons, bucket for light material with a volume of not less than 5 cubic meters of water connection type fast, door frame forks.
The 14-gage steel door is three-foot by seven-foot and 1 3/4" thick, with a three-way locking device hinged to a 14-gage steel door frame 5 3/4" thick.