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a prophet of misfortune or disaster

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After all, the aforesaid doomsayers have been predicting each one to be the last there for what seems like the last ten years, yet here we are counting down to another at the only place I can contemplate it being held.
WINNERS Ed Miliband dismissed the doomsayers by proving he could lead the party to success in England outside the heartlands.
The doomsayers can say what they want, but this is a great football club and all that matters is what happens on the pitch.
WE'VE barely escaped the last sunrays of an unseasonally warm early autumn and already the doomsayers are predicting mass deaths in a winter flu epidemic.
Recession doomsayers need to reexamine their forecasts.
My determination is to continue this program that will prove to the doomsayers that Greece and Europe can and will make it.
My determination is to continue this programme that will prove to the doomsayers that Greece and Europe can and will make it.
Credit unions were not alone in their Y2K success, few problems were reported worldwide, and nothing significant enough happened to let the plentiful Y2K doomsayers say, "I told you so.
There were similar objections in the bur-r geoning days of rail transport in the 1830s when doomsayers predicted that livestock would die as a result of trains chugging through the countryside.
Unfortunately, last year's doomsayers couldn't be laughed at by the sector.
contrary to all the predictions of the doomsayers and the negative spirits that urged me against it, is do you know how many bicycles have been stolen?
Some doomsayers think it will bring the end of time others say the world will experience a new beginning," Joe Martino, Stevens Point Brewery Managing Partner said.
In such a situation, the CPI( M) faces a distinct possibility of a split in West Bengal as well as nationally, the doomsayers say.
Environmental doomsayers may still be claiming that we must radically reduce carbon-dioxide and other "greenhouse" gas emissions in order to prevent catastrophic global warming, but they cling to that position despite the fact that the warming they've been forecasting has not occurred.
A chorus of doomsayers loudly predict that today's economic ailments will usher in a dark "age of upheaval.