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a prophet of misfortune or disaster

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When former oil executive Colin Campbell, the dean of the peak oil doomsayers, warned that the end of cheap oil was only a few years away, he was easy to dismiss.
The warming properties of increased greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere are more modest (and beneficial) than the new doomsayers are letting on.
He's done a lot of good, but he vacillates, depending on the way the political and economic winds are blowing, and he's sort of inclined to be a doomsayer.
IN spite of the predictions of the doomsayers among us, we are nearing the start of another English Derby at Wimbledon, and proof of that is the first of our Derby Countdowns that appears on this page today.
There's actually been a gradual decrease in numbers and ferocity of cyclones and hurricanes over the last few decades, but this is no barrier to the doomsayers.
The Birmingham Mail did not join the ranks of the doomsayers.
The CSG industry in Queensland has rapidly been getting runs on the board and there are enough facts and data to make it difficult for the doomsayers and scaremongers claims to have any credibility.
In fact, music has had more than its share of doomsayers.
A small mountain village in France has been the focal point of worried doomsayers desperate for salvation - from alien rescuers.
On the night in question -- if the world has not already ended earlier in the day -- people can visit the institute from 8pm until 10pm to revel in the fact that the doomsayers were proved wrong.
Couples who nevertheless plumped for 12/12 said their main reason was to tie the knot before December 21, which some doomsayers believe could be the date the world ends.
When the calendar runs out, the doomsayers theorize, Earth will be destroyed by an asteroid called Nibiru, or possibly experience global spiritual awakening.
Liverpool's seen some big changes I'm sure that each one of us knows Things like the Echo Arena A place for conferences, meetings and shows We have a wonderful new museum Right there on the old Pier Head The city it seems is on the up and up When the doomsayers thought it was dead Grand liners nowhave their own terminal Great shopping in Liverpool One But someone''s big dream has been shattered And by Christmas this dream will be gone Our morals once more in the spotlight Our city the talk of the nation And sadly by middle December There'll be no Virgins around Lime Street Station by Ian Kenyon, Huyton
In the Summer 2012 Wilson Quarterly, Martin Walker takes on America's doomsayers, giving the reasons why the world will live "in a future invented by America.
WINNERS Ed Miliband dismissed the doomsayers by proving he could lead the party to success in England outside the heartlands.