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a stupid incompetent person

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A couple seconds later, my on-board sensors kicked in, I realized what a doofus I'd been, and stood tip.
He initially looks a bit of a doofus, the quintessential good guy compared to Juliet's posse of leather-clad, shaven-headed punks.
Stewart is at the opposite end of the social spectrum--a gawky, sweet-faced doofus who avidly recounts his recent attempts at finding work.
The choice was agonizingly clear: Doofus or Doofus Emeritus.
She'd already singled herself out as a first class cow by branding fellow BB alumnus Brian Bello - possibly the most harmless, cloth-brained doofus in reality television history - as looking like "a murderer slash rapist".
I wonder when - if ever - you actually feel like a competent adult instead of a bamboozled doofus desperately winging it?
Better they not know what a doofus they have for a customer.
No matter how hard you work to educate staff and colleagues, there is always going to be the doofus who sets their secure signin information as 'password'.
Here lies a Doofus americanus--could've soared with the eagles; chose the dirt with the turkeys .
Only then will you find out if you're a doofus or a genius.
Total doofus in a totally brainless world ( Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani ) -- even that spelt big moolah with Ranbir around.
HE may be in his mid 40s now but Keanu Reeves hasn't ruled out the possibility of doofus teenagers Bill and Ted having another excellent adventure.
Say you're a well-meaning doofus named Bradley (Greg Kinnear) who owns a coffee house in Portland and wakes up one morning to discover that your perfect wife (Selma Blair) -- a woman you truly love -- has run off with a lesbian softball player.
My favorite example: We were waiting at the elevator to go to a meeting and the council's PR guy, a notorious doofus who was a state employee she was stuck with, forgot yet another paper and had to run back and get it.
Being inquisitive is not a sign of a complete doofus, but of someone who is eager to do well.