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Synonyms for doodlebug

a small motor vehicle

a small jet-propelled winged missile that carries a bomb

the larva of any of several insects

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MEDALS and an archive of documents and pictures which tell of the exploits of an ace doodlebug destroyer have sold at North East auction for more than double their estimate.
Graham said: "On the 28th Joe opened his account in the battle against the V1, despite the appalling weather, by destroying his rst two Doodlebugs that afternoon; this was to be the start of the record number of aying bombs victories to come.
In 1944, two doodlebugs hit the environs of Buckingham Palace, near where my mother learned shorthand.
On our Family History page of December 2, Bill Dyson says George Berry was wrong about the spate of flying bombs, or doodlebugs, launched against Britain in late 1944.
With twenty minutes flying time these 'under a fiver' doodlebugs were apparently terrorising the night skies.
She was employed first as a telephonist and then trained to spot German planes for our anti-aircraft 'Ack Ack' guns in the North East of England, braving terrifying Doodlebugs.
The author discusses the phoney war, evacuation, attacks from the air, food and rationing, school, doodlebugs, D-Day and the effect of victory.
It accounted for the destruction of many enemy aircraft and in the latter part of WW2 this included 181 VI Doodlebugs in the south of England.
The father-of-two can travel at more than 50mph in the machine, using technology similar to World War II German doodlebugs.
Among his achievements in masterminding a complicated network of imaginary contacts was convincing the German High Command that its Doodlebugs and V2 rockets were overshooting London.
Now maybe its series creator Tony Jordan can get back to Albert Square in time to rescue EastEnders from that part of London's worst slump since Hitler dropped a few doodlebugs on it.
Many of my schoolfriends were killed by bombs, doodlebugs and V2 rockets, and I often thought that German children must also have been terrified, just like me.
In the post World War II boom of the early 1950s, Americans began a love affair with cycles, so Richter found plenty of work repairing Doodlebugs, Whizzers, Salisburys, Indians and Harley-Davidsons.
The Weekend will also feature a host of vintage entertainment from the wonderfully witty wartime variety show Dodging the Doodlebugs to the austerity-busting Home Front Kitchen and Beauty Tips.
Gregg also wrote Maybe It's Because I'm A Londoner after being inspired by the German doodlebugs flying over the capital at the end of the war.