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Synonyms for doodlebug

a small motor vehicle

a small jet-propelled winged missile that carries a bomb

the larva of any of several insects

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Berry got fed up of waiting, jumped into his plane and flew a mission where he shot a couple of Doodlebugs.
In June 1944 Joe joined a team of a team dedicated to keeping the skies save from Hitler's hated rockets, known as Doodlebugs.
Eyewitnesses describe the buzzing noise that could be heard as the aircraft, nicknamed the Doodlebug, passed overhead, and the terror they felt when the engine stopped, signalling an explosion was imminent.
Jimmy Doodlebug will have a lot of supporters as will Frisky Fantasy but both may find BLACKSTONE GENE too good.
I spent a lot of time in Doodlebug Alley in the southeast, near Kent, where many of the German flying bombs struck.
My late wife Carol told me that at school they heard what the called doodlebug passing over Huddersfield.
The victim - who helped defend London from attacks by Nazi Doodlebug bombs in World War II - told the Echo she was left stunned by the burglary.
Gloster Meteor F-4 EE531 - entered service almost a year before the end of WWII and was one of the few aircraft fast enough (top speed 595mph) to combat the V1 Doodlebug.
At first, nobody was interested in the song inspired by the German doodlebug and Gregg forgot about it for three years.
When a doodlebug eventually scores a direct hit on their love nest, their liaison is devastated not by death but by an extraordinary life-changing misunderstanding.
The author covers fighter-bomber and night-fighter operations and includes the late Dave McIntosh's graphic account of destroying a doodlebug.
Sale topper, at 7,800gns, was Gwenog Doodlebug, a 20-month-old bull from John and Peter Howells, Llanwenog, Llanybydder.
The road was relaid and the trams removed for the trolleybus, which up Bute Road was called the Doodlebug.
They had become among the first of their countrymen to have seen the fearful new VI in action - the doodlebug bomb which brought new terrors to London as the war was coming to a close.