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a genre (usually a cappella) of Black vocal-harmony music of the 1950s that evolved in New York City from gospel singing

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Many of the dozen songs that make up the "My True Story'' were part of the soundtrack of Neville's youth in the Calliope projects when he'd tag along with older brother Art, whose love of doo-wop influenced the forming of his early group, the Hawkettes.
Like a nightmarish parallel universe version of the 1970s variety club circuit, Old Muggins creates fragments of juddering rockabilly, wonky doo-wop and creepily stark folk music.
The Black Roses sounds like a Mystery Movie theme, Hollywood boasts a Spectoresque wall of sound and doo-wop chorus, while Like A Full Moon is all reverb guitar twang.
Pervis Jackson, who has died aged 70, blended his vocals with those of his fellow Detroit Spinners to create a rich sound lending itself to doo-wop, rhythm 'n' blues, soul of the 60s under Motown to funk and disco when recording for Atlantic in the 70s.
Wales MillenniumCentre, Cardiff Bay Tel: 08700 40 2000 STUDENTS from Bridgend College performthe cult doo-wop musical about Audrey and Seymour's strange relationship.
The sounds of doo-wop filled the air at the Directors Guild on Sunset Boulevard Monday night as longtime cinema baddie Robert Davi unspooled his baby for a select crowd that included his old pal, Gov.
Vet character actor Robert Davi neatly balances humor and heart while smoothly moving to a doo-wop beat in "The Dukes," his engaging debut effort as a feature helmer.
Zappa would do something similar with his entire discography, releasing highly personal records that harked back to the doo-wop he loved in the '50s, say, and then offering up elaborate symphonic efforts, or jazz-infused sets that mostly had the effect of alienating whatever remained of his audience.
McKinney-Whetstone, the best selling author of Tumbling (Touchstone Books, April 1997) and two other novels, delivers a well-nuanced tale against the backdrop of sultry summer nights, block parties, black boys singing doo-wop on the street comers and the boiling racial tension that marked the '60s.
It Wasn't just her soulful, whisper-to-a-scream voice that inexorably drew us out (gays do adore their divas) nor her brilliant albums (including Eli and the Thirteenth Confession, New York Tendaberry, Christmas and the Beads of Sweat, Gonna Take a Miracle) nor the disarming Tin Pan Alley-meets-street-comer doo-wop compositions that were hits for other artists ("Wedding Bell Blues" and "Stoned Soul Picnic" for the Fifth Dimension, "Eli's Comin'" for Three Dog Night, "And When I Die" for Blood, Sweat & Tears, and "Stoney End" for Barbra Streisand).
Strutting onstage with more pose than a catwalk of models, and more costume changes than a Madonna concert, Chumbawumba manage to combine doo-wop, techno, and bubblegum pop, with 70s funk, and 80s new romanticism without it sounding like an audio train wreck.
For thirty years, Mabou Mines has created startling theater, hybrid visions finessed from elements as various as Beckett texts, doo-wop music, and Japanese bunraku puppetry.
Both Doo-Wop and Save the Last Dance for Me are biographical and historical accounts written not by academically trained scholars, but from the perspective of well-informed and educated fans/record collectors.
A fine array of contemporary African-American gospel song styles is rendered by Imani, a female doo-wop quintet, and four young soloists whose a cappella work is simply astounding.
roared Lenny Coco of the Chimes to a packed audience of 15,000 people in East Rutherford, New Jersey's Brendan Byrne Arena during a Doo-Wop concert extravaganza on December 26, 1992.