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a card that you carry on your person and that authorizes the use of your organs for transplantation after your death

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Comfort Signing up gives owners a Pet Donor card but they must still provide consent at the time of the donation.
It is also now possible to store an organ donor card, the e-card, on smartphones.
The 37-year-old knows she and the six-month-old tot are only with us today because of the generosity of someone who carried an Organ Donor Card.
However, simply carrying a donor card may not be enough to ensure your wishes will be granted after death.
If his WSJ article and book result in people opting out of signing a donor card or donor registry, he could find himself facing the same important question: "If You Needed a Kidney or Other Vital Organ to Live, Would You Be Able to Get One?
A recent survey found that a third of Californians who were not on the donor registry erroneously believed they were registered, with 81 percent citing a pink dot sticker and another seven percent naming a donor card erroneously as proof of their registration.
ONE of Wales' longest surviving kidney transplant patients last night issued a plea for more people to carry donor cards.
The percentage of Americans agreeing to become organ donors as indicated on driver's license or donor cards is increasing, the Health Resources and Services Administration announced.
More than a million Scots carry donor cards but three out of four do not.
One possible way to increase the number of organs available for transplant is to increase the number of people who sign organ donor cards and/or indicate their donation wishes on their driver's license.
In Los Angeles, 60 residents have signed donor cards, joining the more than 6,000 worldwide to pledge their bodies.
It is also hoped to increase the number of potential donors on the National Organ Donor Register, set up because people do not always find it easy to carry donor cards.
Dudley Council has joined the campaign to encourage more people to carry organ donor cards.
A COVENTRY man is urging people to carry donor cards after a heart transplant gave him a new lease of life.
EMPLOYEES could receive organ donor cards in their pay packets under plans to restore confidence in the transplant programme, it was announced last night.