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a card that you carry on your person and that authorizes the use of your organs for transplantation after your death

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WHILE the Union Health Ministry has permitted transfer of blood from one blood bank to another, health experts have expressed concern over acceptance of blood donor cards in all blood banks and exchange of blood between private and government hospitals.
A blood donor card or driver's license or two other forms of identification are required at check-in.
The reasons why are varied and complex but carrying the donor card has never been more important.
One donor card holder can help five patients waiting for organs," he said.
I have signed both Burt and Rosie, his sister, up - they both have donor cards.
CARRYING a donor card is a small thing but it can make such a huge difference to someone else's life.
The Irish Kidney Association is urging people to carry a Donor Card or download the Donor app to help increase the number of operations.
I have been writing about organ and tissue donation and transplantation for almost 36 years, the last 20 as editor and publisher of Transplant News--the only independent newsletter covering organ donation and transplantation-organs, tissues, eyes, bone marrow and stem cells When I became director of public relations for the National Kidney Foundation in 1976, there was no national organ donation recruitment program other than the NKF's Gift of Life Program, which asked Americans to sign organ donor cards and tell their next of kin of their desire to donate their organs and tissues when they died.
If this were the case I would then start carrying a donor card again.
London, Feb 5 (ANI): The Vatican has denied that Pope Benedict will donate his organs after death, saying that his donor card became invalid after he ceased to be a cardinal and became pontiff.
In order to encourage religious organ donation, a special donor card will allow harvesting only according to the strictest letter of Jewish law.
A recent survey found that a third of Californians who were not on the donor registry erroneously believed they were registered, with 81 percent citing a pink dot sticker and another seven percent naming a donor card erroneously as proof of their registration.
I have carried a donor card now for more than 30 years.
I have always carried a donor card and I would ask everyone to consider carrying a donor card or to register with Donor UK online.
Jamie was always clear he wanted to carry a donor card.